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    2 New Features Being Rolled Out to Office Delve

    2 New Features Being Rolled Out to Office Delve on messageops.com

    New features being rolled out to Delve hope to improve impact of emails and better promote praise within an organization.

    Microsoft recently announced that the company is in the process of rolling out two new features in Delve.

    What is Office Delve

    Delve is a tool that provides personalized content across all Office 365 apps. Delve is powered by the Office Graph and serves up content to you based on what you’re currently working on, who you’re working with, and the permissions that you have within your organization.

    Have you ever worked on a document, taken a break for a few hours or longer, and then been unable to find the original document? Office Delve is built exactly for these scenarios. With Delve, you can quickly return to content without remembering long file names or where the content was stored. Easily get back to your work as well as the work of others within your organizations, all using intuitive views to access related content.

    Two new features coming to Office Delve

    As mentioned above, Microsoft is rolling out two new features to Delve that should make this tool even more versatile.

    Delve Analytics

    Delve Analytics is coming standard to Delve E5 customers and as an add-on to E1/E3 customers. The new tool will allow individuals and companies the ability to not only save valuable time, but also spend it more efficiently. This tool uses data obtained from insights available within Office 365 data to enable an Outlook add-in to better understand the impact and reach of emails, as well as provide a personal dashboard offering deep insights into time and relationships.

    Delve people experiences – Praise

    With the new Delve people profile experience, users can send praise to their colleagues that is publically viewable throughout an organization. Giving someone praise through Delve also triggers an automated email to their manager to help promote the valued employee’s efforts. In addition, other employees will see the praise and can further “Like” the status to support and promote the individual within the company.

    Is your organization using the many features of Office Delve

    If your organization isn’t taking advantage of the many features seen in Office Delve, it may be time to talk with the Office 365 experts at MessageOps today. With years of experience helping thousands of organizations migrate to Office 365, we would be happy to showcase some of the many useful features of Delve to you and other members of your organization. To speak with one of our team members today call 877-788-1617 or fill out our online contact form.

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