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2017 SharePoint Roadmap

2017 SharePoint Roadmap on messageops.com

Check out a variety of new features added to SharePoint so far this year that should help boost collaboration within your organization.

As more organizations move to Office 365, there has been some discussion as to what that would mean for SharePoint. The reality is that because of the wide array of features packed in SharePoint and Microsoft’s approach to fully support the SharePoint Online platform, more and more organizations are looking at the benefits of moving their intranet tools to the cloud.

To prove this point, it was announced at a recent SharePoint Virtual Summit that 85% of Fortune 500 companies’ SharePoint seats are online and more than half of all SharePoint seats currently in use are for the online version.

Why are organizations moving to SharePoint Online?

One of the key reasons why organizations are moving to SharePoint Online is due to the large number of features that are constantly being added to the platform. Read on to learn a few of the new features that are sure to make 2017 another banner year for SharePoint Online.

Office 365 Groups better integrated with SharePoint

The provisioning of new Office 365 Groups will now create a new SharePoint Site Collection. This means that immediately you’ll have a group that can be accessible across all of your favorite Office 365 apps, including SharePoint. This will make sharing files and collaborating much easier.

Previously when Office 365 Groups were created, users would have access to a shared calendar, team site, email inbox, etc., but this would only be available from the Groups page itself. Now all of this information can be accessed directly on your SharePoint Pages.

Microsoft Flow and PowerApps finally interwoven into SharePoint

While PowerApps has been a big hit for Microsoft when it comes to other Office 365 apps, it has only recently been available through SharePoint. Now users can create custom business apps that can easily tie in directly to SharePoint.

Microsoft Flow offers organizations a way to manage and automate various workflows. Now with tighter SharePoint integration, users can see an approval and feedback flow located in various SharePoint Lists and Libraries.

SharePoint Admin Center improvements

One common request many IT admins have received related to Office 365 Groups is having the ability to see all of the SharePoint Site Collections that have ever been created. This can now easily be done within SharePoint Admin Center.

In addition to the improved user interface related to Site Collections, the SharePoint Admin Center has received an overall facelift that should be welcomed by most IT admins.

Still struggling with how to properly migrate to SharePoint Online?

If you’re an existing on-premises SharePoint user, or you’re just looking to learn more about the SharePoint eco-system in general, feel free to contact our team today. We offer a whole host of SharePoint tools that help you leverage the power of this versatile platform. Our most popular tools and services include:

SharePoint training courses – We currently offer a wide array of training courses for the novice as well as the expert user to ensure you and your team are able to get the most out of your SharePoint intranet platform.

ROOT SharePoint intranet portal – If you know you need a corporate intranet, but are not sure where to start, we offer a pre-built, feature-packed portal that is built on SharePoint and offers a host of ways to keep your team engaged and connected regardless of their location.

STEM: SharePoint made simple – With STEM, you’ll easily have access to the most often-used features of SharePoint so that you can deploy them quickly and efficiently.

CROWN Learning Management System – Use CROWN to roll out a learning management system filled with gamification features that will help boost employee engagement.

VINE – If you’re in an industry where contract and asset management is key, look no further than VINE, which allows you to easily keep track of lease agreements, equipment warranties, hardware maintenance contracts, preventative maintenance schedules, and much more.

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