There are some cool new features of Teams that were just released. With more and more users adopting Teams, Microsoft is constantly coming out with new features and functions to enhance the experience.  Below are our favorite 3 new features that we have been waiting for!

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1. Background images

During a chat or meeting in Teams, if you have your video turned on, you can now utilize background effects. Simply click on the image with the three dots to open up settings and turn on background effects. You can choose from an array of backgrounds.  It will certainly be a conversation starter and make your meeting more interesting!

2. Transfer a Call

You can now transfer a call in Teams. There are two ways to transfer calls. First is a straight transfer to another person in Teams. The other uses the “Consult” feature so you can talk to the person first before transferring the call. Simply click the icon with three dots to open settings and either select “Transfer” or “Consult then Transfer”. This is much more convenient now versus before when you had to hang up and then call that person.

3. End a meeting button

If you are hosting a meeting, you can now end the meeting for the entire call. Click on the icon with the three dots to open settings, and select “End Meeting”. Before, if a meeting was over, each person would have to hang up.

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