Martin Heller from InfoWorld recently did a review of our Office 365 management tool, 365 Command. Here are some highlights we wanted to share:

Most businesses that move their email to a hosted solution, such as Office 365, usually do this to decrease downtime and reduce operating and administrative costs. In the Web-based GUI for Office 365, several administration and reporting options for Exchange are unavailable and many users bypass this problem by running complex PowerShell scripts. 365 Command, a Microsoft Windows Azure Web app available at a modest monthly fee, offers a much more inclusive GUI for administration of Office 365 Exchange than was previously available. Now, users have access to powerful Exchange capabilities without running Powershell.

Some of the key features of 365 Command

  1. Provides administrative capabilities not exposed in Office 35’s Web interface
  2. Provides a useful dashboard
  3. Created useful reports
  4. Allows for auditing of Exchange Online
  5. Allows consultants to switch among client sites with a single sign-on

Costs of 365 Command

  1. Up to 50 seats: $19.95 per month
  2. 51-250 seats: $19.95 + 25 cents per seat per month
  3. 251-1,000 seats: $19.95 + 15 cents per seat per month
  4. More than 1,000 seats: $19.95 + 10 cents per seat per month

365 Command is a great administrative tool for businesses that have Office 365 users and the cost is easily justified in reduced administrative expense.

Have you used 365 Command? Let us know what you think.

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