365 Productivity Insights


Get a powerful suite of Office 365 reports to help you better manage the productivity of your employees, especially during times when they may be remote. All for free!

Activity and Productivity insights to help you spot trends and training opportunities

Monitor your employees productivity no matter where they are located

Is your team staying productive? As more employees work remote, it’s critical now more than ever that you monitor your employee’s work habits to ensure that they are being productive.

It’s easy and free

Global administrators for Office 365 can simply login with Office 365 credentials to get statistics and historical data.

Productivity metrics at-a-glance

Quickly see a user’s activity in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, including by department and fully exportable to a .CSV file

Trends and insights

See your user’s productivity data trended over time and identify opportunities for training

Secure and non-intrusive

This data uses only read-only access into your Office 365 environment

A graphically-friendly dashboard lets you view key statistics including:

microsoft activity report showing data from office 365 email activity report

Outlook User Activity

  • # of emails by individual, department, & company
  • # of inbound/outbound by user segment
  • # of emails read, received, & sent

Microsoft Teams User Activity

  • # of Teams Calls
  • # of Teams chats
  • # of private chats
  • # of meeting

miscrosoft activity report microsoft teams monitoring
how to measure productivity for remote workers

Company Usage Activity

  • Trended Mail Traffic Summary for the whole company
  • Trended Microsoft Teams summary for the whole company
  • At glance reports of which productivity Tools are being Used vs. Others

Simplify Management by Department

Give your department heads the information they need to better manage their remote workers – from Accounting and Operations to Marketing and Services. You can easily export reports and help managers identify areas of training opportunities.

microsoft teams monitoring

Company-Wide Activity

View data company-wide to see who has the most and least activity, and even reward team members.

microsoft activity report showing data from microsoft teams monitoring

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