There are many reasons why companies with Azure environments have not implemented governance. At MessageOps, these are the top reasons that we’ve heard from our community:

If any of these defenses sound familiar, companies can’t afford not to have rules, taxonomy, or governance surrounding Azure environments in this fast-paced world.

Here are 4 reasons why you need Azure Governance:

1. Cost Management Governance: 

 If you are looking to use any of these cost management strategies:

    1. Chargeback/Showback expenses by application or internal department
    2. Charge outside customers
    3. Budget properly for Azure Services
    4. Be cost efficient

2. Security Governance:

If you are looking to use any of these security strategies:

    1. Limit access to certain cloud environments
    2. Need a reliable way to audit your Azure activity in your environment
    3. Need to adhere to certain regulatory security policies
    4. Mandate monitoring who has access to what azure environments

3. Region/Location Governance:

 If any of these are important to you:

    1. Which location your Azure instance resides because of costs
    2. Which location your Azure instance resides because of proxemics to your clients
    3. GDPR in regards to your Azure location
    4. Having a Business Continuity plan that requires specific geographic locations

4. Technology Governance:

If any of these are important to you:

    1. Certain applications require certain performance vs. others
    2. Some or all of your data needs to be encrypted
    3. The speed of your storage

These four reasons are the basics of why you need a well, thought-out Azure Governance plan.  Governance is not a destination, it’s a journey.  Start off with a Governance Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with these four reasons in mind and keep tuning it as you evolve in your evolution to cloud computing.  The objective of the MVP is reducing barriers to establishing an initial governance position, and then enabling rapid maturation of the solution to address a variety of tangible risks.

Azure provides all the tools necessary to create these policies, procedures and workflows. It will just take time to learn how to implement and manage them.

MessageOps – Your Microsoft Azure Partner

MessageOps has developed a process, GlidePath™ for Cloud Governance, that is based 100% on the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. Our services will jumpstart your governance MVP and get you up and running quickly—all while ensuring that you have a scalable, secure, cost-managed Azure environment.

Contact MessageOps to learn more at 877-788-1617 or email [email protected].


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