Keep these tips in mind when shopping around for a new managed services provider.

If your company is growing, one of the most important items to consider is your IT infrastructure. Companies often try to handle their IT needs themselves when they’re small, but as they grow, it’s important to contract with a managed service provider to ensure your company is able to grow so you’re leveraging technology to reduce inefficiencies within your organization.

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What is a managed services provider?

A managed services provider, or MSP, is an outsourced company that takes over responsibility of a defined set of IT tasks. An MSP can be thought of as your own internal IT team that’s available anytime day or night, without the significant overhead that a dedicated in-house IT staff would require.

What to look for in a Managed Services Provider?

If you’re in the market for a managed services provider, it’s important to keep the following important requirements in mind.

24x7x365 Support

When it comes to IT support, you want a managed services provider that’s available at all times. Catastrophic issues don’t always happen during normal business hours. Unfortunately, many MSPs don’t invest in a 24x7x365 help desk that can instantly respond to issues around the clock. At MessageOps, we have a help desk that’s available day or night to ensure that you and your team’s IT needs are always met regardless of whether it’s a holiday, or the middle of the night.

Ensure backup and data recovery processes are in place

One of the most important services that should be provided by an MSP is sound backup and data recovery procedures. The value of an IT provider isn’t truly tested until a catastrophic data failure occurs that requires you to restore data from a backup. If your MSP doesn’t have a way for you to securely backup your critical data, it’s likely that they’re not experienced enough in this area, which can spell disaster in the event of any type of data loss.

Proactive support is important

Hiring an MSP isn’t just about having someone available when a problem occurs. An experienced managed services provider should be performing a wide array of proactive tasks that can help to prevent issues before they even happen. Your IT support team should be able to proactively monitor a variety of important metrics and offer in-depth analytics to show you where potential problems may occur.

Choose a partner that wants to understand your business

There’s no doubt that every business is unique. When hiring an MSP, it’s important to choose a provider that wants to learn about your business. It’s only after fully understanding your business that an IT provider can suggest strategies that can contribute to the growth of your company.

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