1. OWA is coming to Android

Office is here for iPad and soon the Outlook web app will be coming to Android. Microsoft seems to be keen on giving access to non-windows devices so other users can take advantage of their platform. You’ll need an Office 365 account of course.

2. Microsoft is pushing more relevance technology into its products

What are you interested in? If you’re not sure, Microsoft will be able to tell you. Microsoft is bringing you Office Graph and Oslo Technologies. They will be using computer based learning to connect you to what it thinks are relevant conversations, documents and people.

Oslo will deliver you a Pinterest-esk view based on what you’re working on. They’ll analyze what you’re doing, what your interests are and what you find important to give you a hyper personalized experience for your workflow.

3. OWA will integrate OneDrive and Yammer

If you were unhappy with using multiple apps to move though files, emails and attachments, you’ll soon have a reason to smile again. Microsoft is integrating OneDrive and Yammer to combine the experience in OWA.  If you send an email with an attachment uploaded to OneDrive, users will be able to view and edit via Office365, including the web version while using OWA.

Yammer is also being integrated into OWA. You will soon be able to have conversations in Yammer without having to utilize another tab or browser window. With Microsoft integrating Yammer, users are more likely to use it. You will also have the joy of group conversations as well as shared calendars.

4. Using Office Graph, OWA will filter not-quite-junk mail

Do you hate un-important messages in your inbox? You’ll soon be able to avoid them with Clutter. Microsoft introduced a feature called Clutter that will utilize Office Graph to determine a messages’ importance. While a newsletter may not be junk, it may not be as important as other messages.

Clutter will learn how you prioritize your email and will eventually separate the clutter. You will be able to mark a message as “not clutter” and take quick action with the rest of your messages. If you’re not a fan, not to worry, you don’t have to use it.

There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to OWA, Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook. What are you most excited about? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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