Flattening the learning curve

When in doubt, read the manual. Wait, did Office 365 even come with a manual? Even if it did, TLDNR. Besides, there’s got to be a video to watch on YouTube, right?

Exactly! Office365 Groups is a powerful suite of tools that can supercharge productivity at your office. But like all tools, there’s a learning curve. You can slice that curve down to almost nothing by watching these 5 video tutorials.

1. Learn how to store and share files in Groups

Your team is working on a project that revolves around a group of files. The old and unproductive way would be to send them back and forth as an email attachment.

Do you have the latest version? Did the last person who opened it accidentally delete a column on the spreadsheet? It’s madness.

Why can’t all these shared files live in one place? They can, and this short, 34-second video shows you how to bring sanity to file sharing. You learn everything you need to know in just over half a minute.

2. Learn what features make up your group in your Office 365 Groups and how to use them

This tutorial last just a bit over 90 seconds, but it’s packed full of useful information about the features bundled in Office 365 Groups.

You’ll learn how to access and share your files, as well as how they’re synchronized with your own local computer. The video goes on to give you brief but helpful headlines of:

  • Shared calendar
  • OneNote notebook
  • Members and Messages

3. Learn how to reply to a conversation thread in Office 365 Groups and what it looks like for everyone else

This video shows how conversation threads work and lets you see it in action. If you’ve ever wondered how other people see your conversation messages, you can view that here.

In a little over two minutes, you’ll get the lowdown on how conversations work. You’ll also discover how Office 365 Groups helps you track progress using this collaboration tool.

4. Learn how to set a meeting for your entire Office 365 Group and allow others to add the event to their own calendar to receive reminders

Is it possible to learn the key features of the Office 365 Groups calendar in only a minute and a half? It is if you watch this zippy tutorial.

If you’re in multiple groups, you can learn how to see just what you want, or everything combined. It also shows you how to set up reminders by subscribing to events. The action goes by fast, but you won’t mind watching it again or backing up the video because it’s only 90 seconds long.

5. Learn what messages look like to other members of your Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups users will tell you that it’s easy to get hooked on group conversations. If you’re new to it, this video takes you step by step through how to create a new conversation thread.

The video also shows you two different ways you can access your conversation messages. It helps that conversations are easy to create. It’s even better that you can consume what you need to know to get started in just a little over a minute.

Fast and factual

It’s often said you’d need a user manual the size of a dictionary to learn how to use all the features in Office 365 Groups, but it’s not true. The best way to learn how to use Office365 Groups is by watching bite-size video segments online. It takes about five minutes total to watch all five of our tutorial videos. Trees, in particular, are relieved about this.

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