Use these tips for Microsoft Teams to ensure your organization is effectively using this versatile Office 365 chat tool.

Are you currently using Microsoft Teams to boost collaboration within your organization? If so, we’ve put together a variety of tips to get the most out of this popular corporate chat application.

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What is Microsoft Teams?

In case you’ve not familiar with the particulars of Microsoft Teams, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a basic rundown of how organizations around the world are using this cloud-based tool. Teams is a chat application that is bundled into various Office 365 subscriptions, allowing team members to instantly connect, chat, share files, and conduct live video or voice meetings. As you can imagine, Teams integrates tightly with other Office 365 apps such as Skype, Word, OneNote, Excel, SharePoint, and Planner.

5 tips for Microsoft Teams

If you’re still mastering Microsoft Teams, use these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of this versatile platform.

  1. You can continue to use SharePoint to store and share files – Some organizations assume that by using Teams they won’t be able to use SharePoint. This is incorrect, as Teams integrates directly with SharePoint. Each channel allows you to click on the Files tab to share files with other team members using SharePoint.
  2. Title individual chat conversations – One of the common complaints about chat messaging in different channels is that conversations can easily become lost. This is especially true in highly active channels. With Teams, you can actually label individual chat conversations, which can make them stand out and be searchable as well. To name a conversation, simply click the pencil next to the member’s name with whom you’re chatting and type in a relevant title.
  3. Email information directly to a channel – With Microsoft Teams, every channel has a special email address that can be used to forward email messages, documents, and much more. To find an email address for each channel, click on the ellipses beside any channel name and select Get Email Address. When an email is sent to this email address, the message and any documents will instantly be shown in the pertinent channel within Microsoft Teams.
  4. Take advantage of the mobile apps – Microsoft Teams offers mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. These apps allow your team to stay connected regardless of their location or device.
  5. Use Planner from within Teams – If you’re currently using Microsoft’s task management tool, Planner, you’ll be excited to know that it can be used from within Teams. You can “pin” the Planner app to any channel within Teams to ensure your colleagues are always apprised of where you stand with a certain project. When you add Planner to a channel, you’ll see all activity in a new tab at the top of each channel. To add a task simply click on the plus sign.

Excited about getting the most out of Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams comes standard with each Business Enterprise, Essentials, or Business Premium Office 365 subscription. If you have questions on this useful collaboration tool, the experts at MessageOps has the answers. We use Teams extensively in our offices and would be happy to help you better understand how it can be used within your organization as well.

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