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    6 Reasons to Use Office for iPad

    Why You Should Use Office for iPad

    In this day and age, work often doesn’t end when you leave the office. Emails are coming in constantly to your phone or tablet, changes on documents need to be made immediately and people pretty much need the ability to work wherever and whenever. Enter the Office for iPad apps.

    When creating the Office for iPad apps, Microsoft’s goal was to create an experience that allows people to get things done in an intuitively familiar way on the iPad. They spent a lot of time polishing experiences that they knew were important from years of working with, and listening to, people just like you.

    Not sure how Office for iPad can change the way you view working on a tablet? Check out 6 ways it can help you do great work below:

    1. Documents that look like your documents

    When you create or send an Office document to a colleague, you want it to look perfect. Office for iPad apps show your Office tables, pictures, charts and formatting as you’d expect. You should be able to create and edit files on the iPad, and know that you can send them to colleagues without messing anything up. The pictures below show the exact same document rendered in Word for iPad and Quickoffice. The tile page and table of contents aren’t included on the Quickoffice side because Google doesn’t even render them. With Office for iPad, your documents, presentations and spreadsheets will render beautifully in Office across all of your devices.

    6 Reasons to Use Office for iPad MessageOps 1

    2. A familiar experience with a Ribbon that helps you get stuff done

    In building Office for iPad, Microsoft realized that they needed to get the Office Ribbon just right, so they pored over data showing which commands people click most frequently, refined their touch targets, and studied how people interacted with various mockups until they got it just right. The result was apps that are ”Unmistakably Office,” so that people feel naturally comfortable when opening the apps for the first time, and the Ribbon is a key part of that experience. Quickoffice has a few buttons toward the upper portion of its apps, but it would be generous to call what they have a ribbon. It’s an important difference, because the familiar Office Ribbon makes it easier for users like you to get things done.

    6 Reasons to Use Office for iPad MessageOps 2

    3. Present and tell a story directly from your iPad

    Many of you probably use PowerPoint to tell stories. For a lot of people, it’s pretty typical to use transition and animation effects to highlight key points. If you’re still using Quickoffice, you’re probably wondering how this is possible – because Quickoffice doesn’t allow iPad users to create new transition and animation effects in presentations. Quickoffice also does a poor job of rendering slides and emulating the existing transition effects in PowerPoint presentations, and the ability to create and present beautiful decks is a core part of the presentation experience. Microsoft even included special features, like a press-and-hold laser pointer and slide inking and highlighting capabilities, to enhance your ability to tell a story with the app.

    6 Reasons to Use Office for iPad MessageOps 3


    4. Build formulas without being a rocket scientist (even if you are).

    Excel makes it easy to make lists, filter information and build models that help you understand the world. That being said, formulas can be challenging and people often need assistance getting them right. Excel for iPad contains a variety of custom elements – a formulas ribbon tab, a list of recently used formulas and a custom formula keyboard – that will help you use the formulas you need. Quickoffice and Sheets have some formulas, but you better know exactly what you need to type if you want them to work. You’ll need to type them directly into the spreadsheet, going back and forth between the letter and symbol keyboard multiple times. Quickoffice and Sheets do not even let you quickly reference formula cells using touch. The Excel for iPad team tried to make formulas much more accessible to help people like you complete hours of manual work in seconds by using the right formula.

    6 Reasons to Use Office for iPad MessageOps  4

    5. Use templates to professionalize documents, polish presentations and create budgets

    Sometimes it’s important to get a quick start on your work. The templates in Office for iPad make it easy to create a professional proposal, use a polished design for a presentation or spin up a family budget. Quickoffice, Docs and Sheets do not provide iPad users with polished templates, so you’ll be starting from scratch in every new document, working with basic designs for your presentations and staring at empty cells in your spreadsheet. The Office team tried to help you get work done much more quickly by offering great starting points for many common tasks. They created templates based upon customer feedback so they will help you get a variety of common tasks done much more quickly.

    6 Reasons to Use Office for iPad MessageOps 5

    6. Insert pictures, shapes and tables with pre-defined styles

    Quickoffice, Docs and Sheets do not provide users with a way to use predefined styles to quickly format pictures, shapes and tables. Google’s document and spreadsheet applications on iPad don’t even allow you to insert pictures or shapes, but richly formatted content often allows you to communicate a key point, tell an effective story or close a big deal. That’s why you can insert, edit and quickly format pictures, shapes and tables across Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on iPad. Microsoft even included a rich set of predefined formats that allow you to put that extra degree of polish on your work to enhance the stories you choose to tell the world. Check out the examples below…you won’t find anything close in Quickoffice, Docs or Sheets.

    6 Reasons to Use Office for iPad MessageOps 6


    In this world of go go go, it’s important to be able to get the work you need done, when and where you need it done. The Office for iPad apps give you unparalleled levels of functionality, so what are you waiting for? Download it today and see everything it can do for yourself. For more information, visit the Microsoft blog.

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