Are you leveraging these ways Office 365 Will Improve Productivity in Your Business?

A company’s success is directly related to its productivity, and this has never been truer than in today’s fast-paced world. Employees not working productively as they should or could be can place considerable financial strain on your business.

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Fortunately, it is possible to employ some technologies that will help to combat this problem. Office 365 from Microsoft is a popular software that can help boost productivity in your workplace in several useful ways.

1. Easy Collaboration

Working with Office 365 improves the ways that businesses can collaborate with one another. SharePoint is a prime example. This web portal will allow employees to work on projects with one another, exchange files and documents and to do so more quickly, easily, and reliably no matter where they might be in the world. This makes it possible to have employees at the business work with freelancers, vendors, off-site support and coworkers who are out of the office but still on the clock.

2. Going Mobile

Remote work is becoming more popular as mobile technology evolves. Much of today’s workforce is looking for ways untie themselves from the physical office. Whether this is working from home throughout the week or catching up on tasks after-hours, people want access to their work-related data no matter where they are.

Office 365 is an extremely powerful mobile solution that integrates with a variety of mobile devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Applications can be installed on up to five devices per user, which means workers can access their Word, Excel and other documents to get work done when and wherever they are, which opens up more time to be productive.

3. Simple Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of productivity. Office 365 offers a variety of options to ensure workers can speak in real time without having to meet face-to-face, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Video chat
  • Instant messaging
  • Skype for Business.

Whenever collaboration is necessary, these tools make it possible no matter where someone is located.

4. Cloud Based Storage

More and more companies are migrating to the cloud for their storage needs, and this is where Office 365 excels. Using OneDrive for business allows employees to upload documents to the cloud, which lets them work from anywhere they might need without creating multiple, duplicate files. For example, if they have an important project that’s nearing its due date but they are travelling, they can still access the document without trying to figure out which document is the most recent version since it’s in the cloud. The only thing they need is an internet connection.

5. Corporate Social Network

The system even allows users to create their own private social network with Yammer. This makes communication and collaboration even easier. Everyone on the team will be able to have access to this private network.

6. Downtime Reduction

Downtime can really kill a business. In the past, power outages, renovations or other disruptions would prevent people from working for hours, sometimes even longer. With Office 365, everything is in the cloud and accessible on multiple devices, which means that people will always have access to their work.

7. Familiar Tools

Microsoft Office has been a prominent business tool for decades. The vast majority of people are familiar with Office, Excel, Exchange and other programs in the Office suite. This significantly decreases the learning curve that comes with transitioning to Office 365.

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