A Sneak Peek at the OneDrive for Business Administrator Portal

A Sneak Peek at the OneDrive for Business Administrator Portal on messageops.com

OneDrive Admin Center offers a graphical, user-friendly interface allowing IT admins to better manage cloud-based storage

In a move to give IT admins more tools to manage cloud storage and sharing, Microsoft recently formally announced the OneDrive Admin Center. While the tool is still only in preview and not yet widely available, Microsoft has reported it will be widely available within the next month.

Microsoft had indicated they were working on a dedicated console earlier in the year, and even teased a series of graphical controls that give IT admins much more polished access to OneDrive for Business. Before, IT admins had to rely on PowerShell controls, which, while they are powerful, are not terribly user-friendly.

The OneDrive Admin Center portal explained

The preview version of the OneDrive Admin Center portal has a series of sections including “Home,” “Sync,” “Sharing,” Storage,” “Compliance,” and “Device Access.” These sections can be used for the following:

• The home area offers a user-friendly dashboard showing major OneDrive for Business usage statistics.

• Sync allows IT admins to control the syncing of specific files and file types on OneDrive. IT admins can also block syncing of PCs not on the corporate domain.

• Sharing allows IT personnel to control the sharing of OneDrive for Business data to external end users.

• Storage control allows IT personnel to set default storage limitations and also define how long data can be retained.

• Compliance gives users access to the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center interface from within the OneDrive Admin Center.

• Device Access allows administrators to control access based on the network or device being used.

Who currently has access to OneDrive Admin Center?

Currently, the preview of the OneDrive Admin Center is only available to what are known as “First Release customers.” As mentioned above, Microsoft has indicated that they hope to release OneDrive Admin more widely within the next month. Once live, the OneDrive Admin Center will be accessible via a web browser at the following URL: https://admin.onedrive.com.

OneDrive Services from MessageOps

OneDrive for Business is an incredibly versatile cloud-based file sharing tool that allows organizations to collaborate and protect data within the office, as well as across the world. If you need assistance with OneDrive, MessageOps offers a wide array of services from migration services to training services. Learn more by visiting our OneDrive Services page at https://www.messageops.com/onedrive/ or feel free to give the experts at MessageOps a call today at 877-788-1617 or get in touch via our contact form.