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    How to Add Yammer To The Office 365 Global Navigation Bar

    Office 365 and Sharepoint +Yammer customers will be familiar with the Office 365 global navigation bar that runs across the top of your portal.

    › Tip: This doesn’t apply for Yammer Enterprise standalone customers, as users do not see an Office 365 global navigation bar.Add Yammer To The Office 365

    SharePoint Newsfeed is offered in the navigation bar by default, but we recommend switching it to Yammer. This will make it easier for people in your organization to access and use Yammer from within Office 365.

    Don’t worry, when you switch your Newsfeed link to Yammer, SharePoint Newsfeed functionality doesn’t go away. People can still access Newsfeed from their Sites page, and they can continue to follow SharePoint sites, documents and tags there.

    To Replace The Newsfeed Link With A Link To Yammer:

    1. Sign in to Office 365 using your Office 365 global administrator account.
    2. Choose Admin > SharePoint. You’re now in the SharePoint admin center.
      • Add Yammer To The Office 365
    3. Choose Settings.
    4. Under Enterprise Social Collaboration, choose Use Yammer.com service.
      • › Tip: Changing the Office 365 global navigation for everyone in your organization may take us up to 30 minutes to complete.Add Yammer To The Office 365
    5. Click OK at bottom of page.

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