How Microsoft protects your data when using Office 365.

When organizations are looking to move to the cloud, it’s important that the security of their data is paramount. Microsoft takes the security of its Office 365 license holders extremely seriously, which is why organizations of all sizes continue to trust Microsoft’s data security processes and infrastructure that is used to power all the top Office 365 apps.

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Security concerns of using cloud storage providers like Office 365

When we’re working with customers who are thinking of migrating to Office 365, we’ll often hear a number of security concerns, which are mostly incorrect.

1. My data is not secure

When your data is stored in the cloud, it’s normal to have some concerns over where the data is stored and whether it’s secure or not.

Microsoft takes data security extremely seriously and limits physical data center access only to authorized personnel and offers multiple levels of security, including motion sensors, biometric readers, video camera surveillance, 24-hour secured access, and alarms if any sort of security breach were to occur.

2. My data is not encrypted

Another common concern with cloud storage is that the data is not encrypted both while in transit and when stored off-site. With Office 365, all of your data is secure both when it is being transmitted between a data center and a user, as well as when it is not in use.

3. My data is automatically deleted if I cancel Office 365

What happens to your data after you cancel Office 365? Well, while some may think the data is automatically deleted, this is actually not the case. In fact, Office 365 offers a variety of data portability options that ensure you have ample time to move your data from Office 365 to another provider, or to your on-premises resources.

4. My data will be sold

As a user of Office 365, you can rest easy knowing that your data will never be sold. Microsoft will never access or sell your data for any type of advertising purposes.

5. My data may be hosted in another area of the country, or even the world

When you partner with Microsoft for cloud storage, know that your data is hosted in-region, meaning that all your information will be stored in a data center that is located as close as possible based on your geographical location.

Interested in learning more about Office 365 security?

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