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    All Our 2018 Tech News Brought Together

    All Our 2018 Tech News Brought Together on messageops.com

    When we wrapped up our blog for 2017, we created a post listing all the great content we’d shared. With all the exciting news coming out from Microsoft, and our love of sharing how it can help businesses run more efficiently, we decided to do the same thing for 2018. Here’s our 2018 blog recap!

    Office 365

    Move Your Email to Office 365 for Added Scalability and Flexibility

    How to Use Office 365 Connectors to Communicate with Third-Party SaaS Apps

    How Office 365 Apps Can Boost Teamwork Across Your Organization

    Office 365 Gets Security Updates to Better Protect Against Cyberattacks

    Major Licensing Changes You Need to Know

    New Office 365 Features That Include AI and Security Enhancements

    Microsoft Office 365 Dropping TLS 1.0 in Support of TLS 1.2

    Use These Office 365 Features to Ensure Your Work Is Efficient in the Office and on the Go

    New Business Apps for Office 365 Premium Help Small Businesses Stay on Track When It Comes to Growth

    Which Office 365 Version is Right for Your Organization

    Which Office 365 Collaboration Tools Make the Most Sense for You and Your Team?

    How to Reduce Email Clutter and Inefficiencies with Office 365

    Key Reasons to Work with a Cloud Solution Provider for Office 365

    Eliminate Version Control Problems with Microsoft OneDrive

    How to Increase Your Mobile Productivity When away from the Office

    Microsoft 365 vs. Office 365 – What’s the Difference?

    December Updates for Microsoft Office 365

    Three New Apps Available for Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business

    General Microsoft

    OneDrive Can Help You Boost Productivity and Cut Costs

    Use Microsoft Planner to Streamline Your Work Day


    Don’t Fall Victim to Ransomware

    Common Phishing Scams to Watch Out For

    What You Need to Know About Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) from Microsoft

    Schools Are Becoming Targets for Cyberattacks

    End-to-End Encryption: A Solution to a Fundamental Data Security Problem

    Two New Tools to Boost Cybersecurity: Compliance Manager and Azure Information Protection Scanner

    Follow These Tips to Upgrade Your Company’s Password Policy

    4 Must-Haves for a Secure Enterprise-Level File Sharing Solution

    Cloud Technology tips and news

    How to Select the Right Cloud Platform

    3 Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to the Cloud

    Office 365 vs. G Suite: Which Cloud-Based Platform is Best for Your Organization?

    6 Things to Keep in Mind About the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

    5 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018, According to Forrester

    Microsoft Azure

    Ease Blockchain Development with Azure Blockchain Workbench

    Azure IoT Edge: What Is It and How Can It Transform Your Business?

    What You Should Know About the Azure Mobile App

    Microsoft Azure Is Growing

    Azure Archive Storage Can Help Reduce Storage Costs and Increase Security

    Streamline Your Migration with Azure Migrate

    Key Cloud Security Tools Available for Azure Instances

    Azure DDoS Protection Standard Now Available in Preview

    Microsoft IoT Central Helps Organizations Develop IoT Solutions Quickly with Little Code in Azure

    Break Down the Azure Migration Process into Phases to Reduce Surprises

    Save on Virtual Machine Spending with Microsoft’s New Reserved Instances for Azure

    Microsoft Delivers Preview of new Azure IoT Software as a Service

    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams Replacing Skype for Business Online

    Guest Access Can Make Microsoft Teams a Powerful Tool for Your Organization

    A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Teams

    5 Tips to Ensure You’re Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams


    5 Ways the Internet of Things Is Transforming the Food Industry

    Don’t Stress Over Your IT Needs: Why Hiring a Managed Service Provider Is Right for Small Businesses

    How to Make Sure Your Managed IT Provider is Aligned with Your Business Goals


    How to ensure Your SharePoint Site Is Multilingual

    6 Ways to Save Time with a Corporate Intranet Powered by SharePoint

    Create a New SharePoint Communication Site in Minutes

    Are Intranets Still Relevant in the Age of Social Media?

    How to Choose Between SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online

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