Azure Active Directory Security Risk Metrics

Easily track your Azure Active Directory security risk metrics and Secure Score through a single dashboard that allows you to see and address security risks immediately.

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Spot trends

With information at your fingertips you can more easily see usage patterns and flag anything unusual.

Respond faster

Discovering risks and acting fast is essential to limiting any damage to your organization.

Make better decisions

All your most valuable security information in one location so you can make better security decisions.

Make security your priority

When your IT team has advanced monitoring tools they can put in place better measures to keep your data safe.

Simplify your security processes

Make password resets, application requests and other security practices more efficient by giving your team the information they need.

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Advanced reporting and analytics

Go below the surface of your organization and see what’s really going on. Advanced reporting and analytics enable you to see your business from a new perspective.

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