Receive DDoS protection for free thanks to Azure DDoS Protection Standard.

In an effort to further protect customers using Azure’s cloud-based services, Microsoft has recently announced Azure DDoS Protection Standard. This offering is an improvement on the current basic DDoS protection that’s included with Azure. Users looking for a more robust service to protect against DDoS attacks should investigate whether the new Standard edition may be a better fit.

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What are DDoS attacks?

DDoS attack – also referred to as a distributed denial of service attack – is a scenario where perpetrators seek to flood a server or set of servers with massive amounts of incoming traffic to disrupt the services the affected machine or machines are able to provide.

You can think of a DDoS attack as a large number of people blocking a doorway causing the flow of traffic to be significantly impacted. Hackers will often use DDoS attacks to target large, high profile servers owned by banks or large enterprises.

DDoS attacks are actually more complicated versions of denial of service (DoS) attacks. DoS attacks utilize one IP address to send traffic to a specific server, whereas a DDoS attack consists of multiple IP addresses all targeting a single machine or set of machines.

New features of Azure DDoS Protection Standard

As mentioned above, Azure DDoS Protection Basic is integrated with the Azure platform at no additional cost. However, Azure DDoS Protection Standard offers a variety of additional features that could be beneficial for growing organizations. A few of these new features include:

  • Robust analytics – A wide array of rich analytics are available through Azure Monitor, which can identify and provide information regarding the duration of a DDoS attack.
  • Cost protection – One of the major risks of a DDoS attack is the cost factor. Most cloud providers charge based on the amount of traffic a server receives, so DDoS attacks can be extremely costly. With Azure DDoS Protection Standard, users have access to the Cost Protection feature, which allows for resource credits which can be used after a documented attack.
  • Easily configurable – Azure DDoS Protection Standard can be easily configured via PowerShell or the Azure Portal.

Azure DDoS Protection Standard currently in preview

Azure users should be excited to know that Azure DDoS Protection Standard is currently in preview in the East, West, and West Central US regions. This simply means that while the service is in preview, it can be used at no cost. Microsoft has yet to announce the pricing for when Azure DDoS Protection goes into general availability, but for now it’s completely free. Users can register online at any time.

Interested in setting up Azure DDoS protection?

Not sure whether your organization needs the Basic or Standard version of Azure DDoS Protection? Connect with the cloud experts at MessageOps today to help you to look at the needs of your organization and determine the right fit.

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