Azure Governance simplified! Our GlidePath™ services for Cloud Governance takes the complicated out of creating a Governance program and helps you take flight on your Azure journey.

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Services to Support You No Matter Where You Are In Your Azure Journey

Our services are designed for companies that recognize the need for Governance, but have not yet developed a fully mature Azure Governance program. Companies looking to keep risk at acceptable levels, protect customer data, maintain availability of systems and services, and have a consistent policy and audit compliance are the key drivers for IT Governance. We help you achieve these strategic objectives, all while meeting compliance requirements and controlling and optimizing your cloud spend.

Establish Azure Management Groups

Role-Based Access Controls

Creation of Azure Policies​

Creation of Azure Blueprints

Creation of Azure Workflows

Our Governance Methodology

Governance provides mechanisms and processes to maintain control over your applications and resources in Azure.

It involves planning your initiatives and setting strategic priorities. Establishing a fully mature Governance program for your Azure environment is essential to facilitating both policy management and cost management and optimization. Azure policies lets you to create, assign, and manage policy definitions to enforce rules for your resources. This feature keeps those resources in compliance with your corporate standards. Cost management allows you to track cloud usage and expenditures for your Azure resources and other cloud providers. With our extensive experience in Azure and strict adherence to Microsoft governance best practices (our services are based 100% on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Adoption Best Practice Framework), MessageOps can ensure that you achieve maximum productivity while providing quality guidance, setup and training. Upon completion of our GlidePath™ services for Cloud Governance, you will have the foundation for the Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance, which is the most valuable, and often overlooked aspect of a successful Azure Cloud program.

Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance

Cost Management

Evaluate and monitor costs, limit IT spend, scale to meet needs, and create cost accountability through Azure Governance. Balancing performance demands, adoption pacing, and cloud services costs can be challenging. This is most relevant during major business transformations that implement cloud technologies.

Security Baseline Resource

The cloud introduces unique security concerns, however security is a key component of any IT deployment. Many businesses are subject to regulatory requirements that make protecting sensitive data a major organizational priority when considering a cloud transformation. Identifying potential security threats to your cloud environment and establishing processes and procedures for addressing these threats should be a priority for any IT security or cybersecurity team. Security Baseline also ensures technical requirements and security constraints are consistently applied to cloud environments, as those requirements mature.

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Resource Consistency

The Resource Consistency discipline ensures resources are consistently configured in such a way that they can be discoverable by IT operations, are included in recovery solutions, and can be onboarded into repeatable operations processes.

Identity Baseline

Identity is increasingly considered the primary security perimeter in the cloud, which is a shift from the traditional focus on network security. Identity services provide the core mechanisms supporting access control and organization within IT environments, and the Identity Baseline discipline complements the Security Baseline discipline by consistently applying authentication and authorization requirements across cloud adoption efforts.

Deployment Acceleration

Deployment Acceleration primarily identifies potential business risks and provide risk-mitigation guidance to the IT staff that are responsible for managing your resources in the cloud. This discipline includes deployment, configuration alignment, and script reusability. This could be through manual activities or fully automated DevOps activities. In either case, the policies would remain largely the same.

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