Azure IoT Edge is now generally available – how can your business benefit?

As the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices increases, cloud providers are looking for ways to leverage the benefits of technology at the cloud level, while still allowing communication with devices at the local level that may not have access to an internet connection.

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This combination of cloud and local or edge level communication is what spawned Azure IoT Edge, which has recently been released to the general public after being in beta for quite some time. Read on to learn more about this burgeoning technology and how it’s transforming the way that IoT devices are connecting and communicating both on a device level as well as in the cloud.

What is Azure IoT Edge?

Azure IoT Edge helps to move complex cloud analytics and business logic to IoT devices so that an organization can focus on business decisions as opposed to data management. Azure IoT Edge allows organizations to scale their IoT offerings by deploying to devices using standard containers and monitoring everything directly from the cloud.

If you could imagine a series of devices that were located in an area that may need to respond immediately to various commands or external stimuli. These IoT devices shine when they can respond and disseminate information as quickly as possible. Azure IoT Edge allows organizations to perform a variety of tasks at the edge level to help respond quickly, but also to reduce the bandwidth costs of moving massive amounts of data to the cloud.

In short, Azure IoT Edge allows organizations to perform various data computations locally and then pass the necessary insights into the cloud, as opposed to sending all of the data to the cloud for processing. This small change in procedure allows local devices to be more efficient, while also significantly lessening the bandwidth requirements of IoT devices in the field.

How Azure IoT Edge could transform your business

Companies should be extremely excited about the new capabilities that are available thanks to Azure IoT Edge. Below are just a few examples of how Azure IoT Edge could have a massive impact on how your business is run daily.

Azure IoT Edge fosters collaboration through open source technology

With Azure IoT Edge, Microsoft once again shows their commitment to open source technology by adding the Azure IoT Edge project to GitHub. This allows organizations to analyze and integrate with this edge computing platform. The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to integrating local edge devices with Azure IoT Edge thanks to Microsoft’s open-source approach to IoT development.

Strong ecosystem of partners

Microsoft has rolled out the Azure IoT Edge certification program which allows vendors to be classified based on their capabilities. For example, vendors targeting the core runtime will receive a level 1 certification while those targeting security offerings will be given a level 4 certification. This allows customers to choose from a wide array of vendors, with intimate knowledge of their capabilities.


As is the case with all Azure offerings, Azure IoT Edge was built from the ground up with security in mind. It utilizes services such as Device Provisioning Service which allows customers to quickly and securely provision tens of thousands of devices at once. Also, the Azure IoT Edge Security Manager allows for robust oversight of each IoT Edge device.

Interested in learning more about leveraging the power of Azure IoT Edge in your IoT efforts?

If you’re currently looking for additional ways to leverage the power of the IoT for your organization both at the cloud and edge level, be sure to reach out to MessageOps today for more information. We feel confident that Microsoft is doing some incredible things on the IoT front and are convinced that many organizations could benefit greatly from this relatively new technology. To learn more, reach out to us.