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    Azure Security Center Now Available to Help Boost Security

    Azure Security Center Now Available to Help Boost Security on messageops.com

    Help protect your company from data breaches with Microsoft’s new Azure Security Center

    Maintaining cybersecurity is key to the success of any modern enterprise. And as hackers continue to change their tactics, keeping up can be a tall task. With the average business taking over six months to detect a data breach, it’s critical that organizations employ better security solutions that can notify them more quickly about any issues that could result in a breach.

    Azure Security Center finally available to customers

    During testing, Azure Security Center helped a number of large enterprise customers take control of their cybersecurity policies, enabling them to monitor their servers to spot and respond to active data breaches. Azure Security Center provided over 500,000 recommendations to improve security for the participating organizations during its review period. It also used machine learning and robust analytics to detect over 140,000 threats each month.

    New features added to Azure Security Center

    Microsoft listened to its customers during the testing phase and added a variety of new features which are now available in the current version of Azure Security Center. A few of these were outlined in a recent Microsoft Azure blog, including:

    • Email notifications – Emails are automatically sent when a high security alert is detected.

    • API availability – Customers who have developer resources available can integrate their existing security infrastructure through REST APIs.

    • Connect to external security tools – Azure is now offering a connector that allows customers to get Azure Security Center alerts in their third party event management and security tracking tools.

    • Continuous improvement of detections – The Azure team is constantly improving the ability to detect malicious scripts, outgoing attacks, and much more, to ensure this tool is as robust as possible.

    • Support for additional Azure resource types – Azure Security Center can not only monitor Microsoft OS-based virtual servers, but also now offers support for Linux distros such as RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and SUSE.

    • Easily deploy vulnerability assessment tools from third party partners – Customers now can easily roll out vulnerability assessment solutions from providers like Qualys.

    There are few providers in the public cloud ecosystem that can match the security offered by Azure Security Center. With Microsoft’s years of experience providing enterprise level products and services, you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected when using this new security tool.

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