Microsoft continues to add new features to Azure, including more robust analytics and data services, which should be welcomed by organizations of all sizes.

Microsoft has quietly been making massive changes and seeing significant growth in its cloud based computing arm, Azure. According to CNBC, Microsoft’s cloud computing business is growing twice as fast as Amazon’s, which is something that is most definitely turning heads on Wall Street.

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One of the reasons for Azure’s growth has to do with Microsoft’s commitment to transparent analytics and big data services that allow organizations to not only store critical data in the cloud, but also make quick, real-time decisions that can translate into tremendous cost savings across an organization.

Azure helps you bring together the data you need

Whether it’s from e-commerce websites, traditional point of sale, or IoT sensors, the sheer amount of data that any mid-size enterprise produces on a daily basis can be astounding. Thanks to Azure’s ability to analyze diverse datasets, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions that are predictable instead of reactive.

Have the ability to keep your data indefinitely

Rather than having to make certain tradeoffs about what data to keep or discard, Azure allows you to hold onto your valuable data indefinitely. Easily keep data to meet company and regulatory standards at affordable prices using Spark and Hadoop technologies.

Help analyze all aspects of your organization

It’s often hard to imagine the radical insights buried deep in company data. Whether it’s human resources information, better forecasting sales and staff needs, or monitoring supply chains, Azure gives you the computing power and the flexibility to finally uncover massive efficiency gains that would be impossible without significant cloud computing power.

Personalize the customer experience

Every time a user browses to your website or purchases a product, you’re collecting important data that can later be used to improve and grow your business. Imagine being able to personalize the entire customer experience thanks to Azure’s big data capabilities. Surprise your customers with a personal experience that is completely catered to their unique behaviors, and can even recommend products or actions based on their preferences.

Once you begin to store this critical customer data, you can also better forecast inventory needs and cut costs when ordering from your suppliers.

Interested in learning more about the Azure platform?

If you think that your organization could benefit from some of the data and analytics capabilities of Microsoft Azure, the MessageOps team can help. We’ve long been trusted Microsoft partners and can take a look at your existing on-premises or cloud-based infrastructure to see where efficiencies can be gained.

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