Benefits of OneDrive for Business

Benefits of OneDrive for Business

Using OneDrive for Your Company

Online storage has been a growing trend over the past few years, and many different companies have entered the ring with their own offerings. One of the best options available currently is OneDrive for Business from Microsoft. It’s a powerful tool that provides users of all levels with a number of benefits.

Never Worry About Losing Documents

Peace of mind is certainly one of the top benefits of using OneDrive for Business. The tool ensures that you will not have to worry about losing your documents in the event of an issue with your computer, such as theft, fire, or a hard disk failure. Anyone who has worked with computers for any length of time knows that nearly anything can happen, and having storage that automatically saves and backs up the file is essential. OneDrive for Business makes it nice and easy.

Back Up Available for All Devices

Since there are so many different pieces of technology on the market, it is nice to know that OneDrive for Business works with a wide variety of products. It will work with Android phones, the iPhone, Windows phones, iPads, tablets, and more. The personal version of the tool offers 7GB of free storage, which might be fine for some small businesses. Larger businesses will want to utilize OneDrive for Business though, as it offers more space.

Easy Access of Your Files

Since the files are not stored on a local machine and they are in the cloud, it means that users will be able to access those files from anywhere, so long as they have an Internet connection and log into their account. This makes it easy for those who are traveling for business to have instant access to all of the files they need for their customers and clients. It also makes remote work much easier to accomplish. Since you can have multiple people working with the same files, it also helps to make collaboration far simpler.

In fact, the system makes it very easy to share all types of files – documents, pictures, video, and more – with others very easily. You can determine the level of access the people have to the files and what they are able to do with them when they get them. For example, you may only want to allow them to read the file and not make any changes on it. For those who are collaborating on a large project, you may want to give some of the others unfettered access to the files.

Synchronization with Local Computers

One of the other benefits of OneDrive for Business is that users are able to synchronize it with a local computer, and the app for synchronization is available with Office 2013 or Office 365. Microsoft also offers a free download of the app. When you use these features, you will be able to access your files through File Explorer under your Favorites. After you work on them on your local computer and press “save,” those changes will be saved to that file across the board, not just on your computer. This means you will never have to worry that you forgot to update a file to the latest version. It updates automatically. If you want to keep a copy of the old version, you can save it by another name.

OneDrive for Business, along with the power of the web, is actually helping to make many aspects of business easier for companies of all sizes. It’s a high quality tool with plenty of features that make it a great choice for those looking for a reliable cloud storage option.

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