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Your Business’ Sharepoint Migration

Who is your best choice?

Sharepoint MigrationSharePoint is an essential asset to your business. It allows you and your employees to engage with each other enterprise-wide, share ideas, organize information, manage people, coordinate projects, find answers and create new experiences. Now, as you migrate to cloud-supported systems, who will you trust with your SharePoint migration?

When it comes to choosing the right SharePoint migration service provider for your needs, here is some advice:

  • Ensure the provider employs the best practices and offers tools to make the process a smooth one. You don’t want to waste collaboration time among your team members.
  • The SharePoint migration should include all of your most commonly used features and you should be able to deploy your team effectively, quickly, and most importantly: properly trained, once the migration is complete.

Your SharePoint migration provider should include the following services:

  • Migration assessment: a pre-migration report will identify content and objects that could negatively impact the migration, while a post-migration report can verify data through an automated comparison.
  • File and folder migration: whether individually or in bulk, files and folders should be migrated to SharePoint while retaining permissions, assigning metadata, replacing invalid characters and more.
  • Reclassification: the editing of metadata should be available during the migration or upload.
  • All-inclusive tools: tools should be compatible with multiple environments that include file systems, SharePoint on premise, Office 365, OneDrive, and hybrid setups. Ideally, with no need for server side installation.
  • Metadata management: information should be preserved, enhanced or assigned as needed. The ability to extract metadata from file system folders and map it to SharePoint columns is also recommended.
  • Permission and version management: file system permissions should be automatically mapped to SharePoint online permissions and true versioned documents should be created in SharePoint online based on the pseudo-versioning in the file system.
  • Clean content: invalid SharePoint characters should be replaced in your file and folder names.
  • Convenient migration: SharePoint migration service providers should offer migration scheduled around your schedule, whether it be at night or during the weekend, to avoid interaction with business users.

Ultimately, communicate with your SharePoint migration service provider to ensure that your environment:

  • Continues to be intuitive, flexible, have secure capabilities for sharing information, and that it allows your team members to collaborate and work together productively.
  • Offers a modified user experience for each individual with the proper safety, access controls and social networking options.
  • Enables users to quickly locate the data and content needed in all sections of sites, such as document libraries, application repositories and other sources.
  • Provides an extremely efficient and cost-effective toolset that will continue to improve your business’ tasks.
  • Carries on all content, libraries, web parts, permissions, versions, and views, while maintaining your metadata.

At MessageOps we offer all the services mentioned above, including training time for your team, the design unique to your needs, and the proper set up for your business. Moreover, if you need hands-on training or advanced training, these options are available.

MessageOps ensures that you are able to launch SharePoint swiftly, and enhance connectivity among colleagues in new and creative ways. More importantly, you will be able to better track your business goals with easy key metrics in place. Contact us today for more details.