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    Office 365 OneDrive is the new default save location

    By MessageOpsTeam | January 29th, 2019

    Microsoft  has just announced that its core Office 365 applications will now use Office365 OneDrive as your default Save location.... Read More

    OneDrive App Gets New Updates for iOS Devices

    By MessageOpsTeam | September 19th, 2017

    If you’re an avid iOS and OneDrive user, don’t miss out on some of the latest updates to the iOS... Read More

    Tips for Getting Started with the OneDrive Sync Client

    By MessageOpsTeam | July 13th, 2017

    Use the OneDrive Sync Client to easily store and manage all of your critical data in the cloud. As more... Read More

    A Sneak Peek at the OneDrive for Business Administrator Portal

    By MessageOpsTeam | December 29th, 2016

    OneDrive Admin Center offers a graphical, user-friendly interface allowing IT admins to better manage cloud-based storage In a move to... Read More

    OneDrive in One Sitting Part 4: Dealing with Sudden Employee Turnover

    By MessageOpsTeam | June 30th, 2016

    Handling the loss of a worker and the implications that come with a sudden departure Welcome to our blog series,... Read More

    OneDrive in One Sitting Part 3: Sharing Files to the Public via the Cloud

    By MessageOpsTeam | June 28th, 2016

    Interested in sharing files publically with OneDrive? Read on to learn more about this painless process Welcome back to OneDrive... Read More

    OneDrive in One Sitting, Part 2: Implementing an Absentee Support System

    By MessageOpsTeam | June 23rd, 2016

    Dealing with absenteeism in today’s fast-paced, technologically driven workplace Welcome to OneDrive in One Sitting, a blog series where we... Read More

    OneDrive in One Sitting Part, 1: Dealing with Last Minute Project Changes

    By MessageOpsTeam | June 21st, 2016

    How to handle and quickly execute changes on a time-sensitive work project Welcome to OneDrive in One Sitting, the series... Read More

    Enhancements and New Features Rolled Out to OneDrive for Business

    By MessageOpsTeam | May 12th, 2016

    Microsoft’s highly-rated, cloud-based solution ramps up for better service, making Office 365 even more reliable. When the cloud distributes your... Read More

    Microsoft Updates OneDrive for Business: New Capabilities Are Good News for Office 365 Users

    By MessageOpsTeam | January 12th, 2016

    Microsoft updates OneDrive for Business storage plans, releases the Next Generation Sync Client and several other new capabilities. Focused on... Read More

    Benefits of OneDrive for Business

    By MessageOpsTeam | August 25th, 2015

    Using OneDrive for Your Company Online storage has been a growing trend over the past few years, and many different... Read More

    OneDrive for Business: Must-Have Tips, Tricks and Cool Features

    By MessageOpsTeam | August 18th, 2015

    Creating power users and driving adoption isn’t easy, but these tips will definitely help Working smarter and more effectively means... Read More

    OneDrive vs. SharePoint Comparison Matrix

    By MessageOpsTeam | November 18th, 2014

    OneDrive vs. SharePoint Comparison Matrix to Help You Figure Out What Files to Put Where Microsoft gives you a lot... Read More

    Unlimited OneDrive Storage for Office 365 Customers!

    By MessageOpsTeam | October 27th, 2014

    Today, the One Drive team from Microsoft stated, "​Moving forward, all Office 365 customers will get unlimited OneDrive storage at... Read More

    OneDrive now supports 10 GB files

    By MessageOpsTeam | September 26th, 2014

    OneDrive has increased file size uploads to 10 GB Microsoft has announced that you can now upload files up to... Read More

    Microsoft OneDrive Cuts Prices and Increases OneDrive Storage to 1TB

    By MessageOpsTeam | July 2nd, 2014

    Microsoft OneDrive pricing, and offers 15GB of OneDrive Storage for free and 1TB for Office 365 subscribers. Microsoft has updated... Read More

    OneDrive for Business – Announcing Increased Storage and Packaging Update

    By MessageOpsTeam | May 5th, 2014

    New Announcements for OneDrive for Business Users We are excited to share new announcements for users of OneDrive for Business:... Read More

    Microsoft Changes SkyDrive’s Name to OneDrive

    By --V-- | January 27th, 2014

    We all knew a change was looming for Microsoft's SkyDrive, and today the awaited announcement arrived! OneDrive is the new name... Read More


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