Our best tech tips typically come from questions we get from our clients on challenges they are having. Case in point, we recently had a request from an  8,000 seat client regarding changing default permission on a Outlook item in Office 365.

When deploying Office 365, the calendar default permission that comes with Office 365 lets users view another users calendar, and displays to the inquirer that the person they are seeking is either free or busy, but DOES NOT give you the subject of the meeting or the details of the meeting.

Unless marked private, our client wanted everyone to view each others calendars and see the subject line as well as the details.  We created a simple CSV to PowerShell script we deployed that worked great.   We wanted to share it with the group and hope you find it useful. Here is the  quick script to mass change folder permissions in users mailboxes to a specific level of permissions.  


In the example below this is setting csg’s calendar “default permissions” to “reviewer”. The default permissions are a level set on the specified mailbox to everyone in the organization. Other options or switches listed below:

  1. Create a csv with the fields upn:\folder you want to change permissions on ie. [email protected]:\calendar

    csv screenshot

  2. Run the following scriptImport-CSV “C:\temp\calendar.csv” | foreach {Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity $_.upn -User default -AccessRights reviewer}  

This will set the users calendars default permissions to reviewer. You can change the folder you are doing this to and the level of permissions by changing them in the csv or the script.

You can apply this to any default folder in outlook:

  • Inbox
  • Contacts
  • Calendar

Try this tech tip and let us know how it works for you.

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