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The cloud is central to increasing productivity and collaboration in the modern enterprise – and, for many organizations, Microsoft Office 365 is their choice of cloud productivity platform. Microsoft Office 365 has over 155 million active users and this is growing at a rate of 3 million seats every month. However, gaining the most value from Microsoft Office 365 requires more than simply buying licenses, activating them, and expecting to see employee productivity skyrocket. There are a whole host of issues to consider – from managing Office 365 administration, to securing your environment and training your staff to boost user adoption.

In this blog, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we receive about Microsoft Office 365, the challenges of achieving business value in the cloud, and our solution to this: Inscape365.

In what areas does organizations struggle to maximize cloud productivity?

There are several key areas of Microsoft Office 365 that can overwhelm organizations without the right tools, skills, or the time to devote to managing them properly. These include cost and license management, user adoption and training, and security. Special expertise or dedicated tools can make a huge difference to how these areas are managed. A tool like Inscape365 can help. 

What is Inscape365?

Inscape365 provides a set of easy-to-use tools to manage, report, and secure your Microsoft Office 365 environment. From license managing to online training videos, Inscape365 helps you get to grips with Office 365 and drive more value from your Microsoft Office 365 investment.

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Since moving to the cloud, we are not seeing a reduction in costs that we expected. What can we do to change this?

License management is key to staying on top of  Microsoft Office 365 costs – and a great way to bring them down. Organizations with large employee turnover can find it hard to keep tabs on which accounts are active and inactive. This is a simple area to reduce costs. With Inscape365, you can quickly discover inactive accounts that you are paying for by identifying users who haven’t logged in for 30, 60, 90 days or more. It can even help you re-purpose these accounts for new starters.

How does Inscape365 strengthen Office 365 Security?

Cybersecurity should be at the top of the agenda for businesses of all sizes. Where cybersecurity software like Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) is essential for protecting your organization from the latest threats, there are additional approaches that can enhance and strengthen the security you are already investing in. With Inscape365 you can monitor user activity to block out any suspicious behavior. You can quickly see Azure Identity Risks such as Impossible Travel Events, Anonymous IP Risk Events, Unfamiliar Location Risk Events, and more.

With the cloud, employees can now access company files and apps anytime, anywhere, on any device. Inscape365 provides information and alerts to help you stay on top of the risks that arise from modern working trends in the cloud.

We struggle with adoption, and our users tend only to use the Office Suite apps. What can we do to fix this?

One common mistake that organizations make is failing to provide adequate training for staff. Often, because their users are fairly familiar with the Office Suite, for instance, they assume that Microsoft Office 365 will need no introduction. But the value, for instance, of integration between new apps like Teams with the Office apps and SharePoint Online needs to be demonstrated to new users. Failing to do so will lead to low user adoption. What’s the point of investing in an all-powerful productivity platform if no one is using it? We provide the best Office 365 training online with 24/7 access to over 25,000 on-demand training videos.

How much does Inscape365 cost?

If your organization opts for MessageOps as your Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), you receive Inscape365 as part of the package. Otherwise, Inscape365 costs $0.25 per seat per month, capped at $3500.

What is a CSP, and what value does a CSP provide?

Microsoft’s CSP program is a network of organizations that specialize in Microsoft cloud technology – helping businesses like yours make the most of Office 365, Azure, SharePoint Online, Enterprise Mobility + Security and the rest of the Microsoft stack. But not all CSPs are created equal. All CSPs must provide a basic level of 24/7 support, but CSPs will vary in the level of commitment to partnership. When looking for a CSP, you need to find a partner that goes above and beyond to help you:

  • Secure your cloud platform
  • Provide tools and guidance around management and reporting
  • Proactively provide adoption, training, and resources to skill up your team

Why Inscape365?

Inscape365 offers a wide range of functionality to help you manage Office365 licenses and users. It is the ultimate Office 365 cloud productivity enhancer, as it provides all the tools and information to make better decisions and turbocharge the value you get from your Office 365 investment. With Inscape365, you can save time, gain a better understanding of how your employees use the cloud, and gain more control over security, adoption, and cost management.

With improved visibility, comprehensive reporting, and simplified administration, you can take Office 365 to another level.

To find out more about how Inscape365 adds value to your business, read more on the Inscape365 site or get in touch with the team at MessageOps today.

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