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    The main benefit of DaaS is well-known: It allows users to securely access their full desktop experience from anywhere on any device. The question is, do you have the expertise and time to deploy and manage Virtual Desktops? With our DaaS offering, you don’t need to have the expertise that a standard virtual desktop requires. Our DaaS offering simplifies the day-to-day management of complex tasks and allows you to deploy your desktops in just three easy clicks. Powered by Azure, our secure platform simplifies the un-simple.

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    Real-World Scenarios

    If your company allows employees to work from home or in a remote location, DaaS is the most secure solution and easiest to manage. Remote employees can use any device over any connection.

    In Healthcare, for example, there’s urgent care clinics, physician offices, etc. that need fast and secure access to the most recent patient data and tests to accurately treat patients. DaaS lets you access the hospital systems to get the latest information or test results from anywhere, securely.

    Construction companies often need to setup temporary locations at the building site and require remote access to corporate systems (ie. email, file servers, etc.). DaaS requires no setup at the temporary location and can run on even a cellular connection to give access to corporate information and blueprint updates.

    DR Preparedness is also another important scenario. Security features help protect your sensitive corporate data from any loss that may occur from disasters, or even leaks.

    • Quick To Deploy

      With just 3 clicks, you can deploy your desktops using our easy-to-use, intuitive platform. Formerly tedious tasks like password changes, unlocking users, resetting desktops, and changing group memberships are now completely simplified.

    • Automated Provisioning

      Spin up a complete IT environment within two hours, automatically (without an Engineer). Customize the IT environment by adding domains and line-of-business applications, importing Office 365 users, and more – all in three clicks or less.

    • Autoscaling

      Why rack up extra Azure costs for desktops and servers when they’re not being used? Automatically dial up or down RDS session host VMs or shut down VDI desktop VMs as needed.

    • Backup Automation

      All servers and desktops are automatically backed up in Azure on a nightly basis – plus, individual servers or desktops can be restored in just three clicks or less. This is included with our DaaS offering.

    Compare Plans

    To meet the needs of your business, we offer two DaaS plans – Professional and Enterprise. Professional is ideal for small organizations with less than 25 users and are using basic apps. If you are looking to manage all aspects of your IT, the Enterprise plan gives you more management functionality and includes features geared towards companies with over 25 users. See which platform is right for you.

    Out-of-box Configuration
    Domain controller
    File server
    RDS gateway
    RDS session host
    ADFS proxy
    VDI golden image
    Packaged templates
    Domain Management
    VPN Management
    On-boarding Tools
    Logs & audit trail
    Azure Hybrid Usage Benefit
    Hybrid active directory
    On-ramp regions
    RDS collections
    Automated notifications
    Azure Reserved Instances
    User management
    RDS users
    VDI users
    GPU users
    0365 user license assignment
    AD federation with O365
    Group Management
    Shared Mailbox management
    Content and threat filtering
    Firewall management

    2 factor authentication for Windows &

    admin portal login

    Backup & DR
    Backup management
    DR management
    Performance monitoring
    Intelligent desktop auto-scaling
    Scheduled server auto-scaling

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    A peek under the hood

    A peek under the hood

    MessageOps for Azure leverages the latest Microsoft technologies, including:

    • Office 365 with Azure Active Directory and ADFS

    • Microsoft Azure virtual machines with premium managed disks and Azure Recovery Services for both Backup and Disaster Recovery replication

    • The latest Server 2016 with its optimized RDP v10 protocol running on top of GPU-enabled virtual machines

    Pricing Calculator

    Pricing starts at $35 per user / per month.

    Why Azure rocks

    Trusted, proven, & compliant

    Do business with confidence. The Microsoft Cloud is trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies and has been recognized as the most trusted cloud.

    Microsoft Azure has more certifications than any other public cloud provider on the market. Azure meets compliance standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP (High authorization that covers 18 Azure services), SOC 1 and SOC 2, and several international specifications as well.

    Safe & secure

    Your data is well protected through Microsoft’s multi-factor identification for secure sign-ins, a wide range of encryption capabilities for data at rest, secure networks through Azure Virtual Network – plus intrusion protection, anti-malware, DDoS attack prevention, and so much more.

    You’ll always have a centralized view of your Azure resources through the Azure Security Center, which helps you prevent, detect, and respond to any threats with increased visibility and control. And the Azure Security Center makes it the only public cloud platform that offers continuous security health-monitoring.

    Data center redundancy

    Azure is loaded with decades of experience in managing their global data centers. Backed by Microsoft’s $15 billion infrastructure investment – with ongoing investments and improvements, of course. And you know Microsoft focuses on high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, and more.

    Plus, Azure comes with Locally Redundant Storage (LRS), where data is stored locally, as well as Geo Redundant Storage (GRS) in a secondary region. So basically, you’re always covered.

    Privacy & protection

    Microsoft makes privacy a top priority during every step, which is not surprising. You own your data, which means you can access it at any time and for any reason without need for external authorization.

    Microsoft naturally doesn’t use customer data or derive information from it for advertising or data mining. As for government and law enforcement requests for data, they must follow applicable legal processes (court order or subpoena) and won’t be granted access to customer data except where you direct them or where required by law.

    Interested in learning more about DaaS?

    MessageOps delivers the ultimate DaaS platform that results in faster deployments, easier management, and overall greater productivity. Contact us for more information – 877-788-1617 or email info@messageops.com.

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