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    December Updates for Microsoft Office 365

    December Updates for Microsoft Office 365

    Read some of the new features rolled out across Microsoft Office 365 in December of 2017.

    2017 was a busy year for the development team at Office 365. At MessageOps, we like to keep our customers informed of the various new Office 365 features added each month and December is no different. Be sure to keep our blog bookmarked to continue to see our analysis of all the new things coming to Office 365 in the new year.

    New Updates for Microsoft Office 365 in December

    1. Continued rollout of LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Word

    Now that LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, the two companies are looking for ways to create synergies that can be beneficial for their customers. The LinkedIn Resume Assistant is one great example of this collaboration between LinkedIn and Office 365. This new tool built into Word allows users to learn from others by showing how top individuals within their field may be displaying their relevant work experience. This tool also helps individuals identify the most important skills for a particular job so they can be added to a resume to increase visibility.

    2. LinkedIn Learning videos

    It’s no secret that most of us look to the internet when it comes to learn a new skill. Microsoft Office 365 is looking to streamline how you get information by integrating LinkedIn Learning videos into the Tell Me bar within Office 365. This way, you can browse and follow videos related to the Office 365 task you’re interested in, all from within the app your working in.

    The next time that you’re struggling with how to do something within Office 365, rather than taking to the web to search for an answer and ending up stumped, why not use the Tell Me bar to see if you can arrive at an answer much more quickly?

    3. Co-authoring in Excel, Word and PowerPoint

    No longer do you have to work on multiple versions of a document or spreadsheet with others and never know who has the latest version. Thanks to co-authoring, which was actually released several months ago, users can collaborate in real time with colleagues. Instead of emailing versions back and forth between colleagues, users can work on the same document and instantly see any changes that have been made.

    Co-authoring now allows users to cut down on the mountains of emails back and forth discussing revisions and instead handle all the changes within Office 365.

    4. Insights in Excel powered by AI

    Millions of people use Excel each day to perform complex analyses. Microsoft has announced the preview of Insights in Excel, which is a service that can automatically highlight patterns it detects to make it easier for users to analyze their own data. Insights in Excel is powered by machine learning and helps individuals identify outliers, trends, and other perspectives of data that may not be easily seen by users.

    5. Track internal company terms with ‘Acronyms’

    If you’ve ever started a new job, you likely know that each company has their own set of terms that can be quite confusing for a new hire to understand. Thanks to machine learning, Microsoft is trying to fix this common issue. With a new Microsoft Word feature called Acronyms, users will be able to understand common terms that can be quite challenging for new employees to understand. Acronyms uses the Microsoft Graph to find definitions for terms that have been previously defined in company documents and emails.

    6. Adding intelligent search to find text in images

    Earlier in 2017, OneDrive and SharePoint were updated to recognize content within images to detect receipts, whiteboards, screenshots, and much more. Now, Microsoft is expanding these capabilities by automatically extracting text from these images and making it searchable within Office 365.

    Keep an eye on new Office 365 updates for 2018

    2017 was an extremely busy year for the Microsoft Office 365 dev team, and we have a hunch that 2018 will be no different. To stay abreast of all these changes, make sure to follow our award-winning blog. We hope that 2017 was a great year for you and your team, and are excited to see what you have in store for 2018!

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