This Delve tutorial will help you familiarize yourself with Microsoft’s newest addition to Office 365

We recently gave an introduction to Delve and after using the platform more and more, we really wanted to dig deep into it and how useful it is. One of the best ways to do this is through a Delve tutorial.

Delve is Microsoft’s latest addition to the Office 365 environment and it is an enterprise wide search application that is being delivered first through the Office 365 portal with the ability to extend to on premise resources.

After the first time you log in, Delve will spend the next few days searching all the resources you have mapped or made available to the Office 365 environment (SharePoint, OneDrive etc). Based on how you spend your time and what you’re working not the most, it will try to push data to you that is most consistent with what you’re doing, but apart from this highly useful feature, the true power of Delve is the ability to search. With Delve you have capability to do natural language search and the speed is very impressive, so you can the find information you’re looking for when you actually need it.

To watch a Delve tutorial to get you familiar with the new platform and see the power of its search function, check out the video below.

At the end of the day, Delve is an unbelievably powerful, quick and easy to use search engine that will provide you and your employees with quick and easy access to data. The future of IT environment is very focused on faster, easier, quicker and more secure access to data, and with Delve, the future is upon us. To learn more about Delve, click here.

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