If your organization is considering a move to Office 365 from On-Prem Exchange or another mail platform, there’s no doubt the deployment of Office 365 ProPlus will come into your focus.  Based on the current state of your environment, you may need to consider upgrading legacy versions of Office which in their current state could represent a divergence in installation states.  Some users may be 32-bit, some may be 64-bit.  Some may have language packs, or Office add-ons such as Visio or Project.

This could be a nightmare in terms of identifying each of the unique installation states and then strategizing and delivering the likewise with Office 365 ProPlus.  Even if your organization is fully immersed in Office 365 and has fully deployed Office 365 ProPlus, you still will be presented with scenarios where you need to add additional features like Visio, Project, and/or Language Packs.  Here to save the day are dynamic lean Office 365 ProPlus packages.

Microsoft recently began advocating the use of dynamic lean packages when deploying Office 365 ProPlus.  Dynamic and Lean Office 365 ProPlus packages are designed to alleviate the concerns around having to create a multitude of package types that address the variety of installation states.  It also helps to address local network bandwidth concerns by leveraging the Microsoft CDN to deliver the installation files.  This can reduce the payload you are deploying on your local network form ~ 2.5 GB per Office 365 ProPlus package to less than 50 MBs.

Using simple text configuration files, you can create a single robust deployment that has a one-size-fits-all approach.  For upgrade scenarios, simply using the Office Deployment Tool (ODT), you can create a single package that will dynamically match the current install in architecture, and install-state (Visio, Project, Proofing Tools, etc).

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Benefits and Improvements

  • Single dynamic package as opposed to several different installation types that were previously required.
  • Reduces the impact on bandwidth on your local area network as the packages are miniscule (~ 10 MB) compared to previously deploying the full Office 365 ProPlus package which exceeds 2 GBs.
  • The overhead and ongoing maintenance of keeping source files updated for new releases of Office 365 ProPlus is a thing of the past with lean dynamic packages.
  • The “MatchInstalled” value has been added for Language ID as well so that it will keep align with the current language (or languages) that are installed when performing the upgrade.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • MatchInstalled compatibility was introduced with ODT v16.0.11615.33602. Make sure you are using this or a more recent version to support lean dynamic packages for Office 365 ProPlus.
  • Clients must be able to reach the source files on the Office Online CDN (see Microsoft 365 Common and Office Online for users that need to allow or “whitelist” internet sites)
  • If your organization uses an on-prem or cloud proxy solution, be mindful of this so that the proxy allows traffic to the Office Online CDN. Be aware of what user context ODT is running (user, system) and validate it can traverse the proxy to the Office Online CDN.


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