It seems one of the most common problems that customers encounter on a regular basis with Microsoft Online is their Offline Address Book not updating. In working this case numerous times with support we’ve learned this can be caused by a couple things:

  1. The ShowInAddressBook attribute is not correctly set on the user object, which requires support to run a fix address list script
  2. The Offline Address Book is failing to generate.

OAB issues are extremly frustrating issues to open support tickets on, because often times it’s assumed it’s a client side issue and support wants you to delete the OAB on the client, which rarely fixes the issue if all clients are having the same problem. In support’s defense, I don’t think they have the ability to see when the OAB was last updated either, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot.

Frustrated by these issues we developed a new PowerShell command which will show you when the last time the OAB was generated for your environment.

The command is included in the MessageOps Exchange Module.

To run it you must run:


$addisco=Get-MessageOps.BPOSAutoDiscover -identity [email protected] -Credential $creds

Get-MessageOps.OABSetting -identity [email protected] -OABUrl $addisco[1].oaburl -Credential $creds

The output simply looks like:

12/21/2010 2:53:25 AM

It’s important to note that the OAB will only be generated if a change is made to it, such as a new user being added.

As always let us know your feedback or if you have any questions or problems.

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