Avoid the complexities surrounding blockchain infrastructure thanks to Azure Blockchain Workbench

If your organization wants to leverage the power of the Blockchain, you’re not alone. Blockchain development is growing in popularity because of its sheer versatility. While blockchain technology has been shown to be extremely beneficial in a wide array of business applications, it can be extremely complicated. In the past, these complications have made it difficult for small to midsize organizations to take advantage of the many benefits of blockchain development.

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The benefits of blockchain development

Increased security

There are many ways blockchain offers improved security compared to other record keeping systems. With blockchain technology, every transaction must be agreed upon. Once a transaction has been approved, it’s then immediately encrypted and attached to the previous transaction.

Because most iterations of blockchain technology are spread across several different servers, it can be extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to critical transaction data. Blockchain offers an opportunity to significantly increase security for any industries that must store sensitive data.

Improved transparency

You may not realize that blockchain is essentially a largely distributed ledger of transactions. Everyone with adequate access can view the same information, and any changes must be agreed upon by all parties. Changing a single record involves altering any subsequent records which makes blockchain data more accurate and transparent.

Faster transactions

If you take banking, for example, it can take days for transactions to settle completely. This is due to certain protocols within banking software and the fact that banks are typically only open during normal business hours. Blockchain technology is not managed by any one organization or entity and can, therefore, process transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No need for a third party

Blockchain allows for business to business or peer to peer transactions without the oversight of any third party. Since no central entity is tied to blockchain transactions, they can be completed at a reduced cost to the user or business.

Azure Blockchain Workbench brings revolutionary technology to companies big or small

One of the main negatives of blockchain technology in the past has been cost and complexity. Thankfully, cloud providers like Microsoft are now working hard to level the playing field. Thanks to their new Azure Blockchain Workbench, organizations of all sizes can finally take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.

Azure Blockchain Workbench gives organizations the proper infrastructure that allows developers to focus entirely on building their application logic. Azure Blockchain Workbench allows organizations to provide the necessary blockchain technology in just a few clicks. All ledger deployment and network construction are completely automated.

Getting started with blockchain thanks to Workbench

Blockchain development shouldn’t be overwhelming for your organization. Microsoft remains focused on creating an open development environment that allows organizations to utilize a variety of tools and templates to fast track blockchain development.

If your organization is unsure how you can benefit from the blockchain, feel free to reach out to MessageOps for help. We can help introduce you to Azure Blockchain Workbench and show you how this offering from Microsoft can significantly shorten the amount of time your developers will have to spend building out blockchain infrastructure.

For more information about Azure Blockchain Workbench, feel free to reach out to our team today.

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