Yammer offers new collaborative features that make creating and sharing Office documents easier than ever before.

One of Microsoft’s primary goals with respect to Office 365 was to create an ecosystem that fostered creativity and collaboration. This can be seen in the variety of tools that have been developed to all work seamlessly together within Office 365. One such tool is Yammer, which helps to connect individuals and teams across an entire organization. Recently, Microsoft has added the ability to create and share Office documents while using Yammer.

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What is Yammer?

If you’re new to Office 365 or Yammer, you’ll be pleased to see that this collaborative tool helps employees connect regardless of their location. Yammer is a social network of sorts that is geared toward connecting with other colleagues as well as external parties that may need to offer input into certain projects you and your team are working on. Combining Office 365 and Yammer means you can easily communicate, share files, and work in groups using these two versatile platforms.

New features added to Yammer

To further push for greater adoption of Yammer, Microsoft has recently released a number of new features that will be welcomed across their large user base.

Create documents without leaving Yammer

While Yammer has long been a platform that allowed for easy document sharing and conversation starting, it wasn’t until more recently that users were actually able to create Office documents from within Yammer.

Users can easily create new documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without ever having to leave Yammer. Thanks to the functionality of Office Online, you can co-author documents with other work colleagues, mark important files as official, and view version history. Because you’re already in Yammer, you can easily share these documents with your team.

Link, file, and image previews now available

Based on user requests, you now can preview an attachment, image, or link right from within your Yammer feed. No longer do you have to click on the file and wait for it to download to view.

Share files hosted in SharePoint and OneDrive

There’s little denying that most organizations are using the cloud extensively to assist with file storage. Now with Yammer’s improved file picker, you’ll be able to instantly have access to OneDrive for Business or Office 365 SharePoint Document Libraries from within Yammer.

Easily share files from any Office 365 app to Yammer

One common problem with sharing files among a group is managing file permissions. However, if you are using Yammer and have it connected to Office 365 Groups, each Yammer group will have an entry in your Global Address List (GAL). This will ensure that you can share any type of information or email content through the Office 365 suite to your Yammer groups. When a document is shared with a Yammer group, all the members of the group will automatically gain access to the document.

Interested in learning more about new features in Yammer?

If you’re interested in learning more about the features mentioned in this blog, Microsoft has put together a Microsoft Mechanics video that digs deeper into using Yammer with Office 365. Should you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team through our online contact form.

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