Enhancements and New Features Rolled Out to OneDrive for Business

Enhancements and New Features Rolled Out to OneDrive for Business on messageops.com

Microsoft’s highly-rated, cloud-based solution ramps up for better service, making Office 365 even more reliable.

When the cloud distributes your most important product, you had better be confident in your delivery. Microsoft’s got that in the bag, and recent recognition by Forrester Research backs this statement up. Forrester’s 2016 report evaluates Microsoft as one of the four leading enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) cloud providers.

To keep OneDrive for Business on the leading edge, Microsoft is releasing a slew of upgrades and enhancements. Some of them address customer feedback. Others just make it easier to use Microsoft’s products in the cloud. Here’s what’s new:

  • Block file types: Bandwidth is precious and it’s your job as an admin to protect it. Now you can block certain types of files from syncing.
  • Browser enhancements: It’s now much easier to remove files and folders from the “Shared with me” view on your browser. You’ll appreciate the fact that if you remove an item, it doesn’t delete the file. You can still find it with a quick search and put it back if you change your mind.
  • Easier sharing with people outside your organization: Interacting with external recipients has gotten much easier. Even if someone doesn’t have an Office 365 or a Microsoft account, they can now open files you share with them from OneDrive for Business. Anyone who receives an invitation only needs to enter an email address or a phone number and a password. After they’re confirmed, they’ll have access to the file.
  • Improved setup: You used to need registry keys and access to a terminal window. Now, anyone can download and install the OneDrive sync client.
  • Increased IT security with insights, governance, and controls: Admins have an even more powerful ability to stay on top of what’s going on with data in their organization. A new reporting portal delivers key usage metrics for all Office 365 services, including OneDrive for Business. It includes more control over what admins can let users share.
  • More file types can be synced: The restrictions to the types of files have been removed from OneDrive for Business. There’s now support for .json, .aspx, .swf, and others.
  • More mobile productivity: This might be where you notice the biggest enhancements from the OneDrive upgrades. Outlook mobile and OneDrive for Business will soon be completely integrated. You’ll be able to share files through email on both Android and iOS. You’ll also be able to view and annotate PDFs on your Android device. Take a photo and automatically convert it to a PDF file as it’s uploaded to your OneDrive for Business folder. Mobile devices using iOS have upgraded features for SMS, Mail, Outlook Mobile, and Copy Link. You can save files to your OneDrive for Business folder from any iOS app – not just the Office 365 apps.
  • Office 2016 integration: There’s an update to Office 2016: OneDrive enhancements will make it possible to do real-time co-authoring. You’ll also be able to use the Office app to select documents and open them from the Most Recent list menu.
  • Overall performance and reliability improvements: You’ll see an impressive increase in upload and download speeds on your OneDrive for Business connection. It’ll really make its presence known with small files, in particular.
  • Pause sync: You’re tethered to your phone or maybe you’re using WiFi on a flight. It’s not a time when you want your mobile device trying to sync Office 365 apps. Now you’ll be able to suspend syncing for a period of time.
  • Seamless client migration: Say goodbye to the sync client known as “groove.exe.” It’s been replaced by an update that seamlessly transitions clients without requiring a re-sync.
  • View files online: Sometimes you just want to be able to sneak a peek at a file you’ve got stored in your OneDrive for Business folder. You can right-click on that document in Windows Explorer and select “view online” to see it.

Already activated, or coming soon!

These new capabilities make Office 365 even more powerful and easy to use and they’re coming your way because of OneDrive for Business. Forrester reports that by 2018, 80 percent of enterprises plan to use the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for some or all content services. According to the research group, “Interest in Microsoft OneDrive for Business is growing as Microsoft ramps up its roadmap and invests development resources into making this a competitive SaaS EFSS offering.”

The new bells and whistles you’ve just read about are byproducts of that investment, and more are on the way.

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