We are pleased to announce that Exmon v2 is now available as a free download.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Exmon, it’s a utility that monitors the health of Exchange Online and alerts you of  potential problems.  It does that by running a series of synthetic transactions against the service. The original version of Exmon ran as a standalone application, the new version utilizes a client server model, where the Exmon server runs the tests and the client just displays the results. This model is going to allow us to do much more with the service, but for right now it means much easier configuration. You simply install the client application and it automatically connects to our hosted monitoring server giving you up to the minute statistics, and the ability to run historical reports.

New Features

In addition to the new design of the platform, and new tests, there are a couple new features we are excited about and want to highlight.

User Reported Status

With Exchange Online it’s sometimes difficult to determine if the problem is isolated to your users or if it’s a problem impacting other users. To make matters worse, if you call support, they might not know if there are currently issues which are impacting users. What Exmon v2 allows you to is report your current status to the community and then see the other user’s reported status in real time. If your status changes at any time, you can simply resubmit your status. If there are 100 users connected to the service and you are the only person reporting problems, then there is a good chance the problem might be on your end.

message ops exchange monitor screenshot

Real time chat

When things really go wrong with the service it’s often times difficult to get through to support. With the real time chat, the hope is that if you are having problems, you’ll be able to ask the community if anyone else is having the same problems. People that might have more information from support will be able to share the information they have.

We hope that by combining the synthetic transactions with the community status, we’ll be able to provide an accurate picture of the current status of the service.

Download for free

Of course, this approach will only work if we have people running the application and submitting their status, so we are making Exmon v2 a free download. One important thing to note is that at this time the service only monitors the North America Datacenter. If you are in EMEA or APAC, you can still download the application, but please don’t submit your status. We hope to release versions for APAC and EMEA next month. For large organizations a dedicated version of the service is also available, contact us for details.

Click here to download Exmon v2 (NOAM Datacenter).

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