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    ExMon and Recent Mail Delivery Delays

    On 1/11/2010 mail delivery was delayed was for some Microsoft Online Clients.



    In most cases the delays weren’t that bad, but the MessageOps Exchange Online Monitor (Exmon) did catch these delays early on and record some interesting information. Probably the most interesting was the average round trip time for they day. Typically the daily average is around 20 seconds, but on the 11th it was over 300 seconds.

    The other interesting thing was that Exmon started reporting alerts around 10 AM EST on the 11th. At that point, it appears that some of the messages starting getting delayed. Out of the roughly 30 messages that Exmon was sending an hour it appears that around 5 an hour were delayed. So if you had Exmon configured and running in your environment it’s likely you would have known there were issues before the formal notification went out in the afternoon.

    For more information about Exmon, visit https://www.messageops.com/software/messageops-exchange-online-monitor

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