See real-world examples of how Microsoft Teams can streamline business processes in every department within your organization.

When it comes to SaaS-based applications, the options and use cases can sometimes be overwhelming. This can lead to inaction, which does nothing to help boost collaboration within your organization.

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Microsoft is on a quest to change that with its release of a role-specific guide for Microsoft Teams. This guide helps organizations see examples of how Teams can be used to encourage collaboration, keep tabs on people and projects, and offer real-time access to team members regardless of their location.

Role-specific use cases for Microsoft Teams

Here is a brief preview of the use cases offered in this guide to help you see just how revolutionary Microsoft Teams can be for your entire organization.


There is a wide array of use cases for engineering teams looking to use a group chat platform like Microsoft Teams. Below are just a few ways that engineers can streamline business processes with Microsoft Teams, which is bundled in Office 365.

  • Bug tracking – Teams offers a unique platform that allows team members to quickly discuss technical issues in a chat-based workspace. This can help resolve bugs and issues more quickly, and third-party integrations with Github, HelpScout, Visual Studio Team Services, and more mean the entire process from start to finish can be seamless and completely transparent.
  • Streamline daily standup meetings – Daily standup meetings are vital to ensure everyone is clear on what’s been done, what needs to be done and any potential roadblocks that may exist. However, standups become more difficult as your organization grows and becomes more distributed. With Teams, companies can use video chat to connect regardless of location.


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any company, and acting quickly based on market conditions can mean the difference between a successful campaign and one that fails miserably. Here are just a few examples of how marketing departments can use Teams to be more effective.

  • Streamline your product launch – If you’re looking to take a new product to market, there’s no better way than to have one central location where all necessary product documents, presentations, and other materials can be stored and distributed. Also, connect to other third-party task management tools like Asana or Trello to ensure your product launch is on track.
  • Manage PR – Maintaining a strong brand image in today’s marketplace is incredibly important. With Teams, you can quickly keep up to date on the latest happenings within the company. In addition, you can connect to third-party apps like Twitter, where brand mentions can be automatically filtered into Microsoft Teams. This can help you react to positive or negative feedback in record time.


While Microsoft Teams is a great tool to be used by engineering and marketing personnel, other company departments such as finance can benefit greatly from the real-time collaborative benefits of such a versatile platform. Here are a few options for leveraging the power of Teams within a finance group.

  • Managing companywide or departmental budgets – Budgets can be extremely complicated and often require input from individuals across an organization. This collaboration is best done with a tool like Microsoft Teams that allows everyone to share all types of information. Whether it’s spreadsheets, documents, or basic questions from team members, Teams allows everything to exist in one area so you can easily manage your organization’s budgets.
  • Manage monthly, quarterly, or annual closings – Having buttoned up closing processes can ensure the creation of accurate and timely financial statements, which can only be created if all team members are on the same page about important tasks and reports that must be completed. Microsoft Teams allows users to quickly chat with others, as well as post important documents and financial information necessary to prepare reports.


Keeping your sales team organized and focused on growing your business is one of the most important aspects of running a successful organization. If your sales team is not on the same page, you may find yourself missing key goals and benchmarks. Below are just a few scenarios where Teams can be beneficial in reaching your sales goals.

  • Coordinate account management duties – Account managers are often dispersed around the globe, so it can be difficult to communicate when issues arise. Microsoft Teams offers a chat-based ecosystem within Office 365 that allows your team members to stay connected regardless of location. Easily organize activities within Teams and connect to other third-party applications to ensure your sales goals are met.
  • Proposal generation – With the fast pace of most organizations, managing Requests for Proposals can be a challenge. To ensure you’re not missing out on potential business leads, Microsoft Teams can act as a central hub where all the information is posted to ensure all members of your sales team are on the same page when it comes to new business opportunities.

Learn more about how Microsoft Teams can streamline business processes in your entire organization

As evidenced in this in-depth guide from Microsoft, Teams is an incredibly versatile SaaS based group-chat tool that helps streamline business processes across all departments within an organization.

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