Azure ExpressRoute available later this year for Office 365 Customers

Microsoft is constantly working to ensure their customers receive top notch privacy and security while using their products. Later this year, Office 365 customers will have access to use Azure ExpressRoute. This new program is an Express Route to Office365. It will enable you, the user, to create a private connection with those who are using the same infrastructure.

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While using ExpressRoute through your network you will find that it is as predictable as sitting at your desktop computer. With ExpressRoute almost all Office 365 users will be able to avoid a public Internet connection allowing the safety and privacy of their work in a computer hacking day-in-age. Thus allowing you to manage your network competently and will provide more stability through the dedicated connectivity.

Who will it benefit most?

Organizations that require superior connectivity to their services will benefit from this product the most. To ensure a predictable network and performance you can define all areas of your connectivity from Microsoft to your users. You will also have the ability to use multiple ExpressRoute providers to establish multiple circuits across the world.

What it offers

  • 2 live physical connections for high accessibility
  • Backed by the connection of uptime SLA of 99.9%
  • Only provider that can offer Azure and Office365 on an individual network connection
  • Only public cloud provider with a high level of absolute availability for a connection

Click here to learn more about Azure ExpressRoute, If you think Azure ExpressRoute is something that you or your business should acquire contact one of our experts at MessageOps today.

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