Learn how Microsoft MyAnalytics can pinpoint where you may be wasting time during your workday

Microsoft has recently unveiled Microsoft MyAnalytics, formerly known as Delve Analytics, to help you better understand how you’re spending your time. Its purpose is to allow you to work smarter to achieve your professional goals.

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In this blog, we’re going to dive into MyAnalytics by highlighting (and answering) some frequently asked questions that we’ve encountered when assisting our users.

What is MyAnalytics?

MyAnalytics helps you to better understand two key factors related to productivity: how you’re spending your time and who you’re spending it with. MyAnalytics offers deep insight into how much time is spent in meetings and using email, in what are known as focus hours and after hours. These metrics help you to understand where your time is going each day.

What insights are provided with the MyAnalytics personal dashboard?

The personal dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your time and hours spent in collaboration with others. In addition, with the MyAnalytics add-in for Outlook, you can see critical information about your email from right in your inbox. Keep track of key metrics such as whether your emails are being read, replied to, or forwarded to someone else.

The dashboard offers a culmination of where your time is spent across 4 areas: meeting hours, email hours, focus hours, and after hours. This allows you to see how productive you are and what you’re spending the most time on each day.

You’ll likely find that the tasks you’re spending the most time doing aren’t necessarily helping you to stay productive. Most of our users find that much of their time is spent in meetings and sending and replying to email. MyAnalytics helps you to identify these time drains and offers actionable suggestions as to how to improve productivity.

How does MyAnalytics improve networking with colleagues?

Another key feature of MyAnalytics is its ability to show you the people that you’re collaborating with the most, and those who you may have inadvertently lost touch with. This way you’ll constantly be shown who you need to reach out to in order to help strengthen those valuable networking connections.

Is MyAnalytics included in Office 365?

MyAnalytics is included and turned on by default for all Office 365 E5 users. If you’re not an Office 365 E5 user, you can add MyAnalytics as an add-on with select plans. Office 365 admins can also sign up for a free 30-day trial to better understand the many features of this versatile analytics platform.

Ready to sign up for MyAnalytics today?

If you’re intrigued about the actionable analytics that can be gleaned from MyAnalytics, feel free to reach out to MessageOps today to learn how to sign up for a free 30-day trial. If you’re interested in any of our other Office 365 offerings be sure to browse our services page as well.

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