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Got any questions about our managed services, tools, or applications? We have the answers. In this Office 365 troubleshooting guide, we’ve addressed some of the most common queries that we encounter. Browse through the FAQ pages below to find out more.

Registered Cloud Solution Providers sell licenses for Office 365, Microsoft 365, or Microsoft Azure on behalf of Microsoft. A CSP needs to have Microsoft certification training and provide support services for their cloud customers.

To provide better value for Microsoft’s cloud customers. By nominating approved companies to sell license subscriptions on their behalf, Microsoft makes sure customers get support and engagement with their cloud investment.

Yes, you can easily change your registered CSP. Just get in touch with the partner you wish to switch to, they’ll help make the transition smooth. At MessageOps, we make the process super easy and can have you switched over the same day.

Only the Office 365 admin can add or change your organization’s CSP partner.

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