The Microsoft CSP program: Explained

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program gives Microsoft customers more value and flexibility when buying and managing Office 365, Windows and Azure. It’s a full-service experience for your cloud environment, working directly with a partner.

New cloud customer? We’ll take you through the basics: what is a Microsoft CSP partner, why you need one, and how to choose the right one for you.

Registered Cloud Solution Providers sell licenses for Office 365, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure on behalf of Microsoft. A CSP needs to have Microsoft certification training and provide support services for their cloud customers.

To provide better value for Microsoft’s cloud customers. By nominating approved companies to sell license subscriptions on their behalf, Microsoft makes sure customers get support and engagement with their cloud investment.

If you nominate a company as your CSP, you’ve chosen to buy your Microsoft licenses through them. Once you’ve made contact with the CSP, you can make it official by adding them to your Office 365, Microsoft 365 or Azure admin portal.

Not all CSPs are the same, and people choose their provider for different reasons. Some prefer a local IT provider, or the one with the lowest cost software licenses. Choose the provider that offers the best package of value-adding and support services for your money.

Yes, you can easily change your registered CSP. Just get in touch with the partner you wish to switch to find out how to smoothly make the transition.

Only the Office 365 admin can add or change your organization’s CSP partner.

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