Microsoft’s recent updates to Sway make creating projects even easier.

With Sway being available via Office 365 for just over a year, Microsoft has just released a number of updates based on extensive user feedback. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the new design changes that should make this versatile tool much more user-friendly for Office 365 customers.

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New Sway templates

A variety of new templates have been added to the program. They can easily be accessed via the My Sways page located in the Sway web app. They include free portfolio, resume, and blog post templates to help users better showcase their work and accomplishments.

Modify Layout options

A style element that is now configurable in Sway is your layout. If you select Layout from the top navigation bar, you can choose either:

  • Horizontally-scrolling layout
  • Vertically-scrolling layout
  • Screen-by-screen layout (typically used for presentations)

With this new functionality, you can quickly change the overall presentation of your Sway with the simple click of a button.

New Remix function

Sway templates begin with a set layout, color palette, and prepopulated content. If you’re satisfied with the default combination, great – but if you’d like to switch it up a bit, you can always click the Remix button that is located along the navigation bar and Sway will offer a variety of combinations for you to choose. This Remix function allows you to quickly change the overall look and feel of your project to fit your unique needs.

Added Design options

If you’d like to have more control over your Sway’s look and feel, click on the Design button that is also located on the easy-to-access navigation bar at the top. This will open up a new pane that allows you to see all sorts of style configurations. In this view, you’ll see that styles located in the same row will differ just slightly, while styles in different rows often change a great deal, both in layout and theme.

Once you’ve landed on a design that works, you can click Customize (which is also conveniently located in the Design pane) to further modify additional elements in your Sway. Here you can also change font size and style, as well as animation emphasis.

Photo editing options

Sway even allows you to quickly make your photos look great. You can designate Focus Points to help you identify the most important parts of a certain photograph. You also have the option of specifying that the entire image is important, if necessary. And controlling the image size is as easy as selecting Subtle, Moderate, or Intense. Subtle will display the smallest-possible image, moderate will display a medium-sized image, and Intense will display the largest size that will still look good in your Sway.

Undo/Redo and Duplicate functionality

Make a mistake when designing your Sway? No worries, as you can easily Undo or Redo the last action with buttons on the navigation bar. You can also click the Duplicate button to create an archived copy of your existing Sway for future use.

Stay tuned for more Office 365 updates from MessageOps

We hope you enjoyed this quick dive into some of the new features that are coming to Sway. If you have any additional questions about these updates, or any of the Office 365 apps, don’t hesitate to contact MessageOps today.

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