Learn how to find real value for both your business and employees when migrating to O365

Migrating to Office 365 is a big commitment, which is why it’s important for organizations to understand the added value that comes with a solution like O365. In this blog we’ll highlight several areas where business value can almost instantly be quantified after a company migrates to Office 365.


Office 365 allows users to sign in from multiple devices, regardless of location. Small business owners are able to institute bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives that may have not been available before.

Moving to the cloud also offers additional flexibility to a company’s IT staff. No longer are they having to spend so much time maintaining services, but can rather spend time using their expertise to improve business practices.

Cost Savings

While many organizations move to a cloud based solution primarily for the time savings factor, cost is also often a driver – especially for companies with aging infrastructure. Also companies are able to utilize some of the other features of Office 365 such as Skype for Business, OneNote, OneDrive for Business and others to get things done more quickly and not have to rely on other third party tools that can be quite expensive.


In a climate where mobility is paramount, it’s incredibly important for cloud solutions to offer a host of collaboration features for organizations. Office 365 offers a number of tools that make it extremely easy for a distributed workforce to communicate regardless of location. A few of these tools include:

OneDrive for Business

Offers multiple users the ability to instantly share and modify files within the cloud. Companies no longer have to worry about data redundancy and backups as all of this is handled in the cloud. Users can access OneDrive from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Office Web Apps

With previous versions of the Office suite you were tied to one computer when it came to editing documents. With Office Web Apps you can open, edit and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any mobile device or computer, regardless of whether Office is physically installed on the machine.

Skype for Business

A full enterprise level communications solution for businesses. Users can chat as well as have full phone and video conference capabilities all from their computer or mobile device.


A robust private social network that allows employees to collaborate between locations, departments and business applications.

Are you ready to migrate to Office 365?

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your team, an Office 365 migration may be a logical move for your company. For more information on how MessageOps can assist in the entire migration process, as well as the value-added tools, utilities and services we offer when you buy through us.

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