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    Google Apps vs. Office 365 For Business

    Which product will work best for your business?

    Office 365 for Business - MessageOps

    Google Apps and Office 365 for business are the top two leading tools for office-class productivity and cloud offerings. Although both products are similar, they do have their share of differences, let’s review.


    Office 365:

    • Mobile apps are only free to personal users – not all plans allow for full desktop apps.
    • Maximum entry level pricing maxes out at $250 per year per user.
    • The amount of users is limited based on which plan is chosen.
    • Is able to handle large and complex documents and spreadsheets.
    • Microsoft offers 6 different prices to better fit your business’ budget and needs.
    • Office 365 grants you the option to take notes in meetings (using OneNote) and have them permanently associated with the event in your diary.
    • Finding free time slots (and meeting rooms) for meetings with colleagues is easier with Outlook than Google Calendar.
    • Creating mail rules to “redirect” mail is much easier to use.
    • The web-mail version of Outlook is cleaner, and one that may be less intimidating for some employees.

    Google Apps:

    • Mobile apps are free to everyone.
    • Unlimited TB storage with the $10 plan.
    • Maximum price per year is $100 per user.
    • You can have an unlimited amount of users for each plan.
    • Ideal for small and simple documents and spreadsheets.
    • Creating calendar events is easy to transfer from emails.

    To keep up with the every changing competitive market, both companies are quick to adjust their plans and rates. Both also offer policy management features and electronic discovery.

    This graph gives you a quick glance at their differences and similarities:

    Office 365 For Business - MessageOps

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    Overall both Google Apps and Office 365 offer top of the line products your business would utilize on daily basis. You just need to decide what options and capabilities you need to have for your business’ best practices.

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