CHANNELe2e and Microsoft celebrated MessageOps as a leader in cloud management software and support

CHANNELe2e, an IT news, research, and information service, recently recognized MessageOps as a leading provider of Microsoft Cloud management tools. Joe Panettieri, co-founder and Executive Vice President of CHANNELe2e, noted MessageOps CEO Chris Pyle’s “knack for launching cloud and MSP-oriented software and associated management tools,” discussed the company’s past achievements, and addressed its current progress in helping a variety of businesses better manage their cloud computing platforms.

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CHANNELe2e lauds MessageOps’ track record and latest developments

Panettieri detailed MessageOps’ history of developing powerful tools, including the Microsoft Office 365 Command Tool, which was later sold to Kaseya, an IT systems management and administration company. The 365 Command Tool was designed to reduce hassles, automate everyday administrative tasks, and simplify a complex interface that required coding knowledge into an easily-accessible point and click web app.

Panettieri also discussed some of the major clients using MessageOps, including Autodesk, which employs our solutions to power its new CSP Boss software.

MessageOps discussed in Microsoft’s keynote address at Autotask Community Live 2016

ChanelE2E’s Panettieri isn’t the only one recognizing MessageOps’ contributions to making Microsoft Cloud software easier to use and more accessible to companies. At Autotask Community Live 2016, a major gathering of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT service providers, Microsoft cited MessageOps as a leading innovator in Microsoft Cloud management during the company’s keynote speech.

MessageOps: A key partner in the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider program

MessageOps is part of the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider program, which Microsoft developed to easily partner customers with consultants and third-party software providers that can guide them through updating, managing, or switching to Microsoft Cloud-based systems. While many customers were finding Microsoft’s Cloud products very useful for their businesses, it was sometimes difficult for the company to provide the in-depth support, one-on-one support, and complex customization solutions that many organizations want and need.

Switching to a Cloud Solutions Provider like MessageOps allows companies to have a single, comprehensive point of contact for all their cloud solution needs – with streamlined access to Microsoft in case of emergencies, or in situations when they need extra information or assistance.

Updating and streamlining Microsoft Cloud software can be complex process, and MessageOps has developed programs and systems to help customers deal with a variety of challenges, including transferring and updating Outlook and other email messaging systems, synchronizing passwords, Outlook profile configuration, Microsoft Office 365 migration support, and much, much, more.

At MessageOps, we know that every organization is different – and with different businesses come different needs. We’ve migrated over two million seats to Office 365 and have helped thousands of companies increase their efficiency and productivity with our unique software and our responsive support. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today at 877-788-1617 or through our online form.

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