Are your teams using Excel and PowerPoint to manage their projects?

What are the most common project management tools? Think about Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Millions of users are trying to find a better way to track project tasks, prioritize them, manage milestones and deliverables, and estimate resources and cost. However, as projects progress, both Excel and PowerPoint project plans requires more manual updates than project management templates within Microsoft Project. Offer your Office 365 users Microsoft Project Online Professional to increase productivity and effectiveness.

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Microsoft Project will provide your teams with a new set of capabilities

  1. Import an Excel project schedule into Project and work with a dynamic project plan template.
  2. Schedule tasks automatically.
  3. Leverage different views and built-in reports to present project data to different stakeholders.
  4. Engage their teams to provide status updates without a risk to over-write other project data.*
  5. Track multiple projects in the Roadmap view**
  6. Configure any Azure Boards item to work inside Project

* Project Online Essentials license is enough to provide tasks and submit timesheets.

** The Roadmap capability is available with Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium.

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