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    Hooray! MessageOps Has Been Featured on Network World

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    Our Office 365 Adoption & Change Management Platform was highlighted as a “new product of the week” in Network World’s weekly feature

    When rounding up intriguing new products to share with readers for their August 31, 2015 issue of “New Product of the Week,” Network World discovered MessageOps’ Office 365 Adoption & Change Management platform, which empowers all of an organization’s business units to adopt, consume and realize the full business value of Office 365.

    Choosing Office 365 is easy. Getting people to use it? Not so much.

    With informative videos, how-to examples, quick reference guides, a self-service help desk and more, our learning platform becomes an invaluable tool that helps educate and train end-users while supporting their future growth. Used on its own or in conjunction with our change management consultation services, this platform drives Office 365 adoption and usage to their fullest while reducing actual help desk calls.

    Using a New Tool Shouldn’t Feel Like a Chore

    Getting your business units to fully adopt Office 365 doesn’t have to be a chore. Awareness campaigns, expos, lunch & learn sessions, contests and giveaways, fun swag, launch events and gamification can work together to make learning and adopting the system a fun process.

    We’re So Proud

    The Office 365 Adoption platform was created based on experiences MessageOps has had consulting organizations of all types and sizes and their awesome, informative feedback. We wanted it to be a tool that helps businesses realize the full business value of their investment—no arm twisting, haggling, pleading or force required. We’re so happy that the Office 365 Adoption & Change Management platform has been recognized for its unique style of helpfulness.

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