Is your data safe when stored in Office 365? The answer is a resounding YES!

One of the most important factors in deciding whether companies are comfortable enough to move their critical data to the cloud often revolves around security. The truth is that cloud providers like Microsoft often have much more rigorous security procedures in place than many small to medium sized companies.

If you’re a current Office 365 user, or looking to migrate to Microsoft’s versatile platform, below are a few details on how your data will actually be stored in the cloud.

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How Office 365 data is stored in the cloud

The best way to illustrate how your data is actually stored in Office 365 is to breakdown a few examples of different types of data and how they’re secured and stored in the cloud.


If you have an on-premises Exchange server and are looking to migrate to Office 365, you may use what’s called the online mailbox move process. This process works as follows:

  1. The Exchange Online Mailbox Replication Service (MRS) securely connects to your on-premises Exchange server.
  2. Your mailbox data is asynchronously transferred securely via HTTPS to a cloud based Office 365 server.
  3. This Office 365 server then transfers the data via HTTPS to a Mailbox server located in the appropriate datacenter.

As is the case with all Exchange Online servers, the data is stored in a BitLocker-encrypted storage device.

OneDrive for Business

The process for storing data on a OneDrive for Business server is quite simple. A user accesses their OneDrive for Business folder located on their local machine. When a file is saved in this folder, it’s automatically copied to the user’s OneDrive for Business folder where it’s encrypted. For backup purposes, these documents are also stored on a local server as well as remote servers, where they’re encrypted as well.

SharePoint Online

If you’re looking to store data on a company intranet, SharePoint Online is often a popular choice. This process typically starts by creating a SharePoint Online site to store these documents that you’re looking to share. All communication with SharePoint is done securely via HTTPS. Any time documents are uploaded to a SharePoint Online site, they’re transmitted using what is known as a standard HTTP PUT command with TLS 1.2 encryption between the client machine and the SharePoint Online server. In addition, once the document has been uploaded to the SharePoint Online server, it’s stored in an encrypted fashion. For backup purposes, these files are also stored and encrypted on local and remote servers.

Still have questions about how your data is stored in Office 365?

We hope you now better understand how your data is stored in Office 365. Should you have any additional questions, the experts at MessageOps have been supporting Office 365 for many years and are always happy to help you understand how safe and secure your data can be when using this versatile platform.

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