Which Office 365 apps can help to promote teamwork within your organization?

With flexible work schedules, and more and more employees working remotely, creating and developing a team environment within a company can be a challenge. Thankfully some new cloud-based tools can help to facilitate a team environment regardless of where your employees are physically located.

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Office 365 offers a variety of apps that will help to keep your team on track with all types of projects, while still allowing complete flexibility based on location or device.

Office 365 apps to foster teamwork among your team

Below are just a few of the popular Office 365 apps that can help to ensure effective communication among your team members.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based chat and online meetings solution that allows you to host audio, video, and web conferences and chat with individuals both inside and outside of your organization. With apps for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, users can keep tabs on critical tasks regardless of their location.

Microsoft Teams is also tightly integrated with other Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others, which allows team members to access and even modify documents in real time from within the Teams interface.


File sharing is one of the primary benefits of a cloud-based product suite like Office 365. With OneDrive for Business, employees can access, share, and modify documents in real time to avoid duplicating efforts. Also, because of Microsoft’s rigorous security and data recovery standards, files stored in the cloud are both incredibly secure and safe from data loss. In fact, thanks to new features in OneDrive, users can roll back to a previous version, or restore an inadvertently deleted file from the past 30 days. Think of the benefits of this approach to file storage and sharing compared to many companies who may be relying on dying in-house servers to store critical company files and information.


With SharePoint, companies of all sizes can instantly create an intranet portal to disseminate information across an entire organization. Boost productivity using workflows built into SharePoint to transform how certain processes are completed within your organization.


Another recent addition to the Office 365 suite of apps is Microsoft Planner. This tool allows you to quickly create a new plan, from which you can assign tasks and update statuses in just a few clicks. Each plan has its own board where you’re able to place tasks into buckets and organize these buckets based on their statuses or who is responsible. Files can easily be attached to tasks to ensure information is not lost throughout the process. Using a tool like Microsoft Planner allows you to streamline the critical steps within a project as opposed to attempting to track a project using antiquated technology such as email.


Another tool that’s able to foster teamwork within an organization is Microsoft Stream. This Office 365 video service makes it extremely easy for users to create videos to be used both internally as well as outside of the organization. Video communication brings with it a much different element of authenticity compared to just the written word. Whether you’re training internal employees, or simply looking to capture your organization’s brand, Microsoft Stream can help to leverage your message to ensure it effectively reaches the right people.

Learn more about boosting teamwork using these Office 365 apps

These are just a few of the Office 365 apps that can be used to promote teamwork among your organization. For more information on any of the apps listed above, or to learn how easy it could be for your organization to migrate to Office 365, don’t hesitate to reach out to the MessageOps team today.

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